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Research from ATLIS: 2020 Compensation Benchmark Report 

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Technology leaders tend to earn higher average salaries when they cover a wide variety of essential job functions at their independent schools, according to this brand new compensation benchmark report released by the Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS). The detailed analysis indicates that working at larger schools, leading larger teams, and serving on the school’s leadership team are also indicators of higher average annual salaries. 

“Much of this salary and compensation data has been available before thanks to our strategic partners at Ed Tech Recruiting,” said Christina Lewellen, ATLIS’s executive director. “Now, we’ve teamed up with Ed Tech Recruiting to create a detailed compensation benchmark report from that data. Our goal is to provide useful analysis to technology leaders to use as a starting point for important, compensation-related conversations.”

The ATLIS Compensation Benchmark report, based on Ed Tech Recruiting’s survey of technology professionals in the fall of 2019, indicates several key findings:

  • Larger team supervision warrants a higher average salary for technology leaders.
  • Salary gender gaps exist among independent school technology leaders, but tend to level out and even reverse with more than 20 years of experience.
  • Technology leaders tend to earn a higher average salary when they cover a broad spectrum of essential job functions.
  • Technology leaders earn more when they sit on the senior leadership team at their schools.
  • Those who identify as female earn less than their male counterparts, but a higher percentage of those who identify as female are considered part of the senior administration. 

In addition to the key findings, the report includes detailed salary information highlighted by a variety of factors, including title, school enrollment, faculty status, senior administration status, size of the technology team, number of direct reports, gender, years of experience, geographic region, and more. The report outlines information about common benefit packages as well. 

The 21-page report is available to ATLIS member schools free of charge. 

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