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2021 Vendor Partnership Opportunities

It’s been an odd year. A unique year. A challenging year. ATLIS has decided it’s time for fresh solutions. Yesterday’s sponsor packages are not going to work for today’s needs. We value your partnership and our members are ready to learn about what vendors have stepped up to offer during this extraordinary time. So let’s make this easy. ATLIS is stepping up to offer you a direct line of communication with independent school buyers.

*NEW* ATLIS Access Points Magazine: 2021 Buyers' Guide

Re-launching in the spring of 2021, the redesigned Access Points magazine is a combination of editorial thought leadership and a buyers’ guide featuring vendor spotlights. The resulting guide will be a year-round reference for more than 4,500 technology leaders and their teams, business officers, and heads of school. 

Vendor partners’ two-page spreads will include a full-page ad combined with a feature article about the company’s updates and latest offerings. Additional ad opportunities are also available in the editorial section of the magazine.

All new members who come into the ATLIS community in 2021 will receive a copy of the publication and it will be distributed at all ATLIS events throughout the year. 

Don’t miss your opportunity to be involved in this unique edition as it makes a splash in the independent school marketplace. Deadline: March 1

Two-page spread (ad + advertorial article) in buyers’ guide 
Limited Inventory


Full-page ad in the editorial section


Half-page ad in the editorial section 


Fold-out tab insert indicating the start of the directory section SOLD


Inside front cover or
inside back cover


Back outside cover SOLD


Digital Demo Library Video (details below)


Enhanced Vendor List (includes logo and company description)


 *NEW* Digital Demo Library Video

We are hearing loud and clear from the ATLIS community that they’re ready to take stock in the wake of the pandemic and look to the future in terms of investments and resources. The independent school community has changed, and so too have the vendor partners serving the community. It’s time to get reacquainted with each other! 

With this unique offering, vendor partners will be invited to record at their convenience at 10-15 minute demo or presentation. We invite you to focus on what’s changed at your company and how you can help technology leaders guide their schools into the future. 

Your video will be added to the ATLIS Vendor Partner Demo Library and promoted among technology leaders across the country. We’ll ask for your contribution ahead of the virtual component of ATLIS’s Annual Conference, as we’ll be making a significant marketing push about the Demo Library ahead of the event. 

Best of all, you’re welcome to add more than one demo video if you have multiple offerings you’d like to feature. The ATLIS staff will be available to guide you in keeping the video brief, engaging, and relevant to the independent school community. 

We will do vendor demo marketing exposure in conjunction with the Annual Conference, but the library will have a long evergreen life on the ATLIS website- open to all!

View the mock-up Demo Library site
Vendor Partner Demo Day Demo Video (first contribution) $1,500
Each additional demo contribution $750



*NEW* ATLIS 2021: Undaunted Annual Conference

In a year marked with creative solutions and groundbreaking advancements in independent school technology, the Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools is prepared to deliver an immersive recalibration experience in the form of an annual conference. This is unlike any conference you’ve ever attended or sponsored before. 

ATLIS 2021: Undaunted Partnership
2 remaining

  • Introduction of one session
  • Opening slide in session
  • Company logo and link on conference app
  • Session (thought leadership session of approximately 30-40 mins)
  • Included in vendor email blast


Attendee swag box

  • You must pay for and supply the item to be inserted into the swag mailing. Item must be approved by ATLIS staff for feasibility.
  • Due March 19th


Pre or Post- Conference Email Blast
(Exclusive for conference partners only)

  • Ad-on to partnership
  • All conference attendees


Interactive Keynote Introduction + Q&A Facilitation
Spotlight speaker sponsor 

  • Five-minute introduction during spotlight speaker general, all-attendee session
  • Slide during spotlight speaker general session
  • Someone from your company will moderate Q&A with the spotlight speaker

Limited Availability (2)

Reduced rate vendor partner conference registration (whole-company registration)

  • Virtual only
  • Cannot combined with half-price credit


In-person retreat sponsorship

  • Socially-distanced exhibit table
  • Prominent recognition as sponsor, including table tents on attendees’ tables, big-screen slide show
  • Ability to distribute promo items/materials (company must ship to Seattle by the deadline)


Commitment via contract. This portion will be billed when the event takes place and is due 30 days after the event

Vendor Demo Day (see below for details) 

  • Library 
  • Can update throughout the 2022 year if you have new product updates

$1,500 for first demo contribution

$750 for each additional demo

*NEW* ATLIS Affiliate Membership

If you’re interested in behind-the-scenes access to the content ATLIS members experience, we are now offering an affiliate membership for companies, consultants, and independent school community members who are not employed by a school. Become an official part of the ATLIS member community for just $399.

Join here.

Year-Round Presence with ATLIS

Stay top-of-mind with the growing ATLIS community for the entire year with the unique visibility opportunities below. 

ATLIS Informs e-newsletter advertising

See media kit for opportunities

Post your event in the ATLIS calendar

$100 per event

Sponsorship of ATLIS Leadership Institute

  • 2 direct email blasts to participants
  • 1 “giftable” scholarship
  • logo/link included prominently on event’s stand-alone website
  • Opportunity to facilitate session/introduce speaker
  • Generally ~35-40 year-long participants


Year-long cohort 

Sponsorship of ATLIS Cyber Safety Workshop

  • 1 email blast to participants
  • 1 “giftable” registration
  • logo/link included prominently on event’s stand-alone website
  • Opportunity to facilitate session/introduce speaker
  • Generally ~100 participants per session

$1,500 per workshop

Two multi-day workshops per year; fall and spring charged separately

Vendor-contributed article to ATLIS blog*

  • Includes placement in ATLIS Informs e-newsletter to drive traffic *subject to ATLIS editing and approval


ATLIS promoted social media posts

$200 per post

Value bundle #1 of year-round options:

  • Featured ad in virtual conference app 
  • 6-month logo placement on ATLIS website 
  • Webinar Sponsorship (2-minute intro and email promo to attendees) 
  • Job board posting privileges 
  • 5 social media posts 

$2,500 value for only $1,000


Value bundle #2 of year-round options:

  • 1 vendor spotlight in the newsletter 
  • Up to 3 calendar items
  • 1 blog
  • 3 social media posts

$1,000 value for only $700

Ready to become a vendor partner?

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