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Amplifying Optimism in Education, Podcast.

Mindfulness Is a Technology

Mindfulness strategies can have a positive impact on your work and your team, as Michael Carson, host of the Amplifying Optimism in Education podcast shares in a bonus episode specifically for the ATLIS 2021: Undaunted Retreat. Learn about the science behind practical strategies for de-stressing on the job and even experiment with guided practices that focus on the self-diagnostics and systems processes, as well as non-stop demands, that inform the day-to-day realities of school technologists.

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The Parabola Project

School Reopening Readiness Guide: This evidence-informed guide is intended to assist school leaders in developing, evaluating, and executing operational plans for reopening schools, as well as in assessing readiness to implement these plans. 
Practitioner Toolkit: How to Build a Mask Culture: This resource aims to help educators consider how to best help students adjust to and sustain mask-wearing. 
Practitioner Toolkit: Learning Together In Socially Distanced Classrooms: This resource aims to help educators consider how to support small-group, collaborative, and one-to-one learning while physically distancing.

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