ATLIS Access Points Mobile App

The Access Points Community Board is now more accessible than ever with our brand new app. Stay in touch with community thought leaders by downloading the Connected Community app today.  Available for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, the ATLIS Connect mobile app allows you to participate in discussions, privately message other members, access library documents, and read the latest professional news all from your mobile device.

Key Features

  • Discussions: View and respond to the latest discussions on Access Points right from your mobile device. Never miss a message and be part of the conversation even when you’re not at your computer. 
  • People: Network with other members of the community and send private messages
  • Library: Access resources shared by the community

How to Download

  1. Download the Connected Community app (Google Play Store, Apple App Store) 
  2. Enter this when the app opens: 
  3. Sign in to your ATLIS member account (or create a free login)