Speaking Opportunities

Virtual Conference
Pre-conference Networking, April 11
Key Programming, April 12-13

“We need to get our heads on straight before we head into another school year.”
-- Matt Scully, Director of Digital Integration & Innovation, Providence Day School

Join us for two days of intense learning about what matters most to us in this time of tremendous change. First, we’ll dig into what it means to be in “Active Recovery” after the demands of a pandemic, societal transformation, and our notions of school turned upside-down. Then we will tackle how to get our heads on straight for what lies before us with a closer look at "Sustaining Innovation and Looking Ahead."

We are looking for solutions-oriented speakers to share their experiences and expertise with the calm confidence of undaunted leadership from the past year and their vision for looking to the future of educating learners in a post-pandemic world. 

We know you are overloaded when it comes to things on your plate. But we also know that your experience this past year makes you just the sort of resource our participants need to hear from. So we’ve tried to make your submission of ideas for the ATLIS 2021: Undaunted Annual Conference as easy and straightforward as possible.


We’ve reached out personally and through crowdsourcing surveys to get a sense of what you need and want for the conference. And we’ve distilled our content needs to the topics below.

Day 1: Active Recovery

Essential Questions 

  • As survivors of this challenging year, who are we and how are we now?
  • How will we recover and carry on after all we have been through?
  • How can we assure the health and wellness of the whole community as we move into the future?

Day 2: Sustaining Innovation and Moving Ahead

Essential Questions

  • What are the frameworks and considerations we can use to learn from what we have accomplished during the past year, and how can we employ them to move forward into the future?
  • How can we sustain the innovations from the last year and use them to reimagine what schools can be?


Consider sharing your expertise in a variety of ways. Listed from the lightest to the heaviest lift, choose from one of the options below.

Soapbox Solutions (deadline EXTENDED to April 1 -- send your video to [email protected] ASAP!)
We want to hear your stories of how you got through, how you innovated, how you solved problems. Submit your 5-minute video to our listening library about specific tools, strategies, and ideas that the rest of the community can learn from. The best of the lot will be streamed for conference attendees at the end of each virtual conference day. 

Virtuoso Sessions
We invite you to share your expertise in VIRTUOSO SESSIONS on the best practices and recommendations the community can use to move forward most effectively. These sessions will consist of 20-minute pre-recorded videos followed by live discussions or activities.  Proposals accepted.

Applications Conversations
We are looking to our community for hour-long follow-up CONVERSATIONS about how to APPLY the contextual frameworks to the specific topics requested in our crowdsourcing efforts:

  • Leadership & Productivity
  • Teaching & Learning
  • IT Systems & Support
  • DEI & Technology
  • Cyber Safety & Data Privacy

Proposals accepted.

Context Presentations
We are looking for opening PRESENTATIONS each day to provide a sense of CONTEXT to provide foundational knowledge and tools for making sense of our Active Recovery (Day 1) and ways for Sustaining Innovation & Moving Ahead (Day 2). Proposals accepted.

Optional Add-On Retreat: Focus on Leadership
April 26-27

Our face-to-face gathering in Seattle for a limited number of participants will provide dedicated time and safe space to think deeply and collaboratively about leading our schools forward, based on conversations begun online at the virtual conference.

We also want to hear from you about ideas for leadership-focused sessions in a retreat setting.


You’ll answer these questions in a simple form:

  • What is the best format for your session?
  • Which over-arching content areas and specific topics(s) will your session address? 
  • Suggest a title for your session.
  • How will your session be designed?
  • What expertise do you bring to this endeavor?
  • What else do we need to know?

Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis until the conference content is complete. We will be in touch with additional instructions if your proposal is accepted.

Contact Susan Davis, [email protected] .