ATLIS360: A Technology Self-Study Guide For Schools and Companion Manual

360 coverATLIS360 Self-Study Guide provides guiding questions and supporting prompts to start important conversations around technology best practices.

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The ATLIS360 Companion Manual advances a school’s attempt to answer those questions and address those recommendations.  This more than 100-page manual provides resources, templates, and guidance to respond to and support the requirements of the ATLIS360 Self-Study Guide for Technology in Schools. 

The ATLIS360 Companion Manual provides a comprehensive road map to help independent schools create workflows, policies, and procedures around their biggest technology challenges and opportunities. Both the ATLIS360 self-study guide and this accompanying manual can be used for school-wide technology audits, as part of an accreditation process, or to conduct an in-depth analysis of specific aspects of a school’s technology program. The detailed manual is also useful as a day-to-day reference guide.


Designed to mirror the five major sections of the ATLIS360 Self-Study Guide, the ATLIS360 Companion Manual contains resources and documentation examples for:

  •  academic programs, educational processes, teaching and learning
  • managing technology for school operations
  • leading the technology department
  • best practices regarding technology resources
  • long-range and strategic planning

    Throughout the book, QR codes will lead users to digital complements and additional resources.  
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