ATLIS Leadership Institute

Are You Transitioning Your Tech Leadership to
Meet Your School’s Needs?

Year-Long ATLIS Leadership Institute Guides Tech Leaders While Schools Continue to Evolve

The ATLIS Leadership Institute is no longer accepting applications for the 2022-2023 Cohort. We welcome inquiries about joining our next cohort that will launch in June of 2023. Email: Susan Davis, ATLIS Leadership Institute Director, [email protected]

  • Level-up your leadership skills as the impact of technology on education continues to evolve.

  • Go beyond DIY professional development.

  • Invest in your leadership growth to support your school’s mission.

  • Practice intentional leadership, hone your skills, and expand your capacity to make an impact.

  • Connect with and learn from a diverse community of leaders from independent schools.

Technology leaders are uniquely positioned to design the learning spaces of the future and to affect change in all corners of the school.  The ATLIS Leadership Institute is the only program of its kind designed to meet the needs of technology leaders in independent schools as they grow into their positions and expand their influence.

If you have specific questions about the program, please direct them to Susan Davis, [email protected]

This year-long leadership institute is updated each year to address the skills and expertise you need to stay current in your role and to lead your school as schools and learning environments evolve.


ATLIS Leadership Institute

Serving all leadership abilities and career levels, the year-long program features

  • A streamlined application process. No chasing down school references. 

  • No travel requirement. Programming will be delivered virtually in Summer 2022 and in virtual Deep Dives and Summits throughout the year.

  • An expanded, career-long focus. We recognize that leadership development requires ongoing commitment and constant growth, especially in the realm of tech education in schools.

  • Content designed around five leadership challenges to address the very ever broadening role of technology in independent schools.

  • A team-centric, blended learning approach, which means the program will be flexible enough to handle your work emergencies.

  • A goal-based R&D project to provide the kind of resources our community really needs.

  • Embedded leadership conversations focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • An attractive price point for a year of programming dedicated to your leadership growth: only $15oo for ATLIS members, $1995 for non-members. (Learn more about ATLIS membership here.)

  • An opportunity to connect with and learn alongside the growing mega-cohort of Institute grads at the ATLIS Leadership Spotlight, prior ATLIS Annual Conference in May 2023. This content is designed for Institute Fellows only.

5 Leadership Challenges

Surveying the Technology Landscape 

Innovating Professional Development

Forging Administrative Alliances

IT Infrastructure and Data Safety

Optimizing Your Team

Final Project

The program provides a sandbox for encouraging the professional connections you are seeking -- with a diverse team of Fellows, with a highly motivated cohort, with generous and knowledgeable Institute faculty, and with school-embedded coaches. You'll connect via monthly meet-ups online and learn in a blended learning environment.

“Never has the technology team been thrust into the spotlight more than it has in recent years” says Christina Lewellen, ATLIS Executive Director. “ATLIS is proud to provide a contemporary leadership institute designed to serve tech leaders working through today’s challenges as they unfold.”


Program Details

  • 2-Day Virtual Summer Workshop 
  • 24+ hours of intensive online and in-person professional development programming
  • 10 Cohort online meet-ups or Team Summits (90 min. each)
  • 5  Leadership Challenges with individual and collaborative components
  • Team-based approach
  • Capstone R&D project
  • Experienced coaches & faculty advisors
  • Online resource collections and discussion boards
  • F2F leadership programming at ATLIS 2023 Annual Conference in Grand Rapids.
  • Access to the ATLIS mega-cohort of ALI grads and a yearly workshop to refine and expand your leadership palette.


$15oo for ATLIS members
$1995 for non-members

Includes all programming and course materials and a pre-conference workshop at the ATLIS Annual Conference in Grand Rapids in 2023. Registration, travel, and lodging during the ATLIS annual conference not included.


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