ATLIS Online Micro-courses

Most ATLIS online micro-courses are designed to be completed in an afternoon. Each course allows the participant to access valuable resources; complete meaningful, authentic tasks; and build a useful, shareable portfolio of documents and reflections. Badges are awarded upon completion. For more information, contact Kelsea Watson ([email protected])

Featured Courses

Plugging in to Independent Schools (For IT Professionals) 
Curt Lieneck, ATLIS ECATD Faculty and Retired Independent School Technology Leader

Curt Lieneck brings over 30 years of experience to this useful and practical introduction for transitioning to independent schools. If you are thinking of moving from the business or public school world to an independent school technology department, or if you are onboarding someone to your staff from a similar background, you will find this course to be enormously helpful. Lieneck provides an introduction to what an independent school actually is and how it is different from other kinds of educational institutions, digs into independent school culture, and addresses the challenges facing independent schools today. 


Mapping Your Data Flow 
Ally Wenzel, Director of Information Technology at the Stevenson School (CA)

This micro-course provides guidelines, suggestions, and tips to craft dynamic documentation of the data flow within your organization. Participants will create their own data maps modeled on designs and templates provided by the instructor, Ally Wenzel, based on her extensive experience with data systems.