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ATLIS Reads: A Book Club for Technology Thought Readers


This year, ATLIS reads will transition from a “seminar” format to a “book group” format and will include both virtual synchronous discussions as well as asynchronous “slow reading” options on Twitter and in the ATLIS online community Access Points.  

Plans for ATLIS Reads for 2021-2022  have evolved somewhat since our summer planning meeting -- and we will now focus the rest of the year on our “slow read” option. We hope you will continue to nurture our community of thought readers on Twitter at #ATLISreads and on the ATLIS Access Points community portal. We’ll be posting questions approximately bi-monthly, but don’t wait for us! Share your thought readership early and often by posting on your own!

ATLIS Reads Schedule

September 29, 3:00 pm Eastern
Conversation Leader: Kwaku Aning

Kwaku Aning of the San Diego Jewish Academy  launches our live online discussion for a new year of thought readership!

Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunityby Scott Galloway

Chapter 1: COVID & the Culling
Chapter 4: Higher Education

ATLIS’s Susan Davis will continue our discussion of 9 BIG Questions Schools Must Answer to Avoid Going "Back to Normal" (*Because Normal Wasn't that Great to Begin With

Check out Kwaku’s blog and discussion questions!

Join the Slow Read

Start sharing your ideas by responding to our “slow read” discussions on the ATLIS Access Points Community or on Twitter at #ATLISreads.

Registration for the book club is required for first-time participants. Once registered, participants will receive invitations to join each book discussion just prior to the scheduled event. Registration is FREE and open to all. Registering for the SERIES will automatically register you for the preview. There is no need to register twice.

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Slow Reading Options
Ongoing asynchronous discussions about Post Corona will continue slow reading style* through January 2022 via #ATLISReads on Twitter as well as on the online ATLIS Community, Access Points. 

*As we understand it, the slow reading movement is a bit like the slow food movement. Translated for us that means slowing down the reading selected for the year and reading it in chunks, while also encouraging readers to engage in thinking about the book as we go along using the hashtag #ATLISReads on Twitter and in conversations in the ATLIS online community at Access Points.