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G-Suite User Group: Using G-Suite for Curriculum Mapping
Feb. 8, 2018

Hosts Jason Ramsden (Ravenscroft, NC) and Hiram Cuevas (St. Christopher's, VA) interview Richard Anderson (Washington International School, DC) and Barry Kallmeyer (Hathaway Brown School, OH) about how to leverage the tools and apps already available to many schools within G-Suite to engage faculty in curriculum mapping and review. Interested in adapting these tools to your own school environment? Richard will lead a hands-on Bootcamp on "Curriculum Mapping and Extending G Suite with Apps Script" at our Annual Conference in Washington, DC, on April 15-18. Learn more about the conference here.

Transitioning Techy Teachers to Edtech Coaches
Jan. 10, 2018

Dr. Ashley Cross, Director of Technology at St. Stephen's Episcopal Day School (FL),  and Matt Scully, Director of Digital Integration & Innovation at Providence Day School (NC), preview their one-day workshop at the ATLIS Annual Conference designed for "techy" teachers who seek to transition from technology rich-classrooms or discipline-specific instruction to leading educational technology within a division or for the whole school. 

Transitioning Techy Teachers to Edtech Coaches from Sarah Hanawald on Vimeo.

Leadership Best Practices from the TIE Assessment
Dec. 13, 2017

Sarah Hanawald, Executive Director of ATLIS, and Susan Davis, Professional Development for ATLIS, talk about what they've learned about best practices from the Technology Impact and Efficacy surveys.


How To Read What Research "Says" -- or Does It?
Nov. 29, 2017

In a post-Thanksgiving webinar, as part of our "How To" series, Sarah Hanawald interviewed Beth Holland on the topic of evaluating research. Beth is a doctoral candidate at the Johns Hopkins School of Education and a well-known member of the independent school technology community,  During the interview, Sarah and Beth discussed the critical role that educators play in actively reading, interpreting, and analyzing research. They covered a host of disparate ideas, from determining the credibility of the source to questioning whether the results of a study can be generalized to other contexts and settings. On her "EdTech Researcher" blog at Education Week, Beth has written several posts about reading and interpreting research that may be helpful. Links to these posts are shared below the video.  Read the blog post on this webinar here.

Research Says..... from Sarah Hanawald on Vimeo.

Makerspace User Group: Focus on Community Engagement

Matt Gerber, Director of Western Reserve Academy's Wang Innovation Center shared how the Center has reached out and engaged with local and global communities. Matt also recommended the following resources for inspiration:

Larry Sears and Sally Zlotnick Sears think[box], Case Western Reserve University
Burton D. Morgan Foundation
National Inventors Hall of Fame 

ATLIS Makerspace User Group: Focus on Community Engagement from Sarah Hanawald on Vimeo.

Evaluating SIS Options: A Structured approach

Jeannie Crowley of the Ethical Culture Fieldston School shared how she structured the process at her school for evaluating SIS options.  Those viewing may also be interested in the ATLIS decision-making whitepaper available in our document library.

In addition, Jeannie has kindly shared her slides for the webinar with the ATLIS community.

SIS Online Usergroup: SIS Evaluation from Sarah Hanawald on Vimeo.

The CETL-Why Independent School Leaders Should Take A Look. 
Join ATLIS members Tim Maki of Tilton School (NH) and Alex Podchaski of Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child (NJ) along with Morgean Hirt from CoSN for a discussion of their experience with CoSN's Certified Education Technology Leader course and exam.


Weds., Sept. 27: How To: Prepare for Accreditation Review Using ATLIS Guidelines

For our How To series, we invited Amy Grunat of the Drew School (CA), Tye Campbell of Gilman School (MD), and Larry Kahn of Trinity Valley School (TX) to discuss the accreditation process. We introduced the ATLIS Accreditation Guide to Self-Study and discussed how it can be used whenever a school needs to conduct a review of its programs, whether for an accreditation self-study, for orienting new members to a school community (admin, faculty, or staff), or for future planning. Members can access the complete Guide to Self-Study in our Document Library.


Weds., September 20: Makerspace User Group on Curriculum for the Makerspace with Justin Curtis of Bryn Mawr School (MD) and Mary DoBroth of Holton-Arms School (MD)

Justin Curtis and Mary DoBroth discuss from different perspectives how they approached developing a maker curriculum. We would love to hear your stories about how you have encouraged curricula development for making in your school.

ATLIS September 2017 Makerspace User Group Meeting from Sarah Hanawald on Vimeo.


Weds., September 13 Leadership Webinar: Susan Bearden on Building Technology Infrastructure for Learning

For our September Leadership Webinar, we interviewed Susan Bearden, who recently served as project lead on the 2017 update of Building Technology Infrastructure for Learning produced by Office of Educational Technology, U.S. Department of Education. Susan is now a consultant on technology and learning in schools.


Our August "How To" webinar featured tips and suggestions from ATLIS staff member Susan Davis on writing proposals for our 2018 Annual Conference. Here's the video!

ATLIS Conference Proposal Submission Tips from Sarah Hanawald on Vimeo.

Our August Leadership webinar focused on "Onboarding Best Practices" and featured Jim Bologna, Windward School (CA); Ally Wenzel, Stevenson School (CA), and Jamie Britto, Collegiate School (VA).


How To: Amanda Cadran on Optimizing Your Edtech Resources
July 26, 2017

Amanda highlights some of the advances to our Lea(r)n member benefit.  ATLIS members are able to access data collection tools and dashboards for analyzing software utilization to provide rich insights about leveraging technology effectively. 


Makerspace User Group (The Aloha Edition), July 19, 2017

Sean Justice of Texas State University and Matt Dillon, guru of the lower school fab lab of Iolani School (HI), discuss how makerspaces can inspire change in the traditional classroom. 

ATLIS July 2017 Makerspace User Group Meeting from Sarah Hanawald on Vimeo.

Making Your Space: Beyond the Wishlist

Leigh Northrup from Cannon School, NC and Brian Huang of SparkFun discuss what it takes to really make a space integral to the purpose of teaching and learning. Great questions from the group led to a fruitful conversation.

Cyber Security and Independent Schools

Sarah Hanawald (ATLIS) and Jacob Isaac (ISACS) interviewed Jamie Britto from Collegiate School (VA) and Denise Musselwhite from Trinity Preparatory School (FL) to learn what steps independent school leaders can take to improve cyber security for your campus.   Jamie and Denise focused on no or low-cost options that can have an immediate impact on cyber security.  They'll offer even more during ATLIS 2017 in their Boot Camp session. Ready to go more in depth? Join Jamie and Denise this summer in our Cyber Security 2-Day workshop in Chicago Learn More

Geographic Information Systems: 

Join us for an exploration of free tools for educators that are browser-based and encourage students to analyze data by developing sophisticated maps?  Geospatial mapping tools used to be difficult to use, but that is no longer the case.  Join Gayle Wilson from Albuquerque Academy and Joseph Kerski from ESRI to learn how schools can use this free resource across the curriculum and in multiple grade levels. Below the video is a list of websites shared during the webinar.

GIS from Sarah Hanawald on Vimeo.

Websites mentioned:

November 2, 2016 Integrated Databases

 Veracross's Aaron Vogelzang joined us for a discussion about technology leadership in the area of data management. What does it mean when we say "integrated data" and what benefits and challenges come with truly integrated data. How can technology leaders help their schools manage data effectively? 

October 19, 2016 Digital Trends for ATLIS Schools

Jon Moser, CEO and Founder of Finalsite, shared tactics and strategies on how you can analyze your school’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats with data-driven information that will help you to make better decisions for success. Case studies from independent school highlighted what you need to be thinking about now.  We took a look at new search trends and tech tools to inspire us to shake up the traditional ways you recruit and retain students.

October 11, 2016 ERate and Independent Schools

Sarah Hanawald, ATLIS Executive Director, and Marc Chervitz, Director of Client Services for ERate Program, LLC discuss the details of the ERate program and how independent schools can save significant money by taking advantage of this program.


 October 3, 2016 Google Apps for Education Online User Group Meeting

Alex Inman from Educational Collaborators joined us for this year's first online user group meeting to discuss all things GAFE (now G- Suite!).  Alex shared updates about the Google Educator Certification programs.  Other topics under discussion were:  The new name (G Suite), dealing with corrupt profiles, how to get support and digital privacy. For upcoming events, check our calendar.


Blackbaud Usergroup Meeting September 30, 2016

The ISED-L conversation opened with: "Has anyone made the move from Education Edge to onRecord/onBoard or the NXT products since the Blackbaud/Whipple Hill merger that would be willing to share their experience?"  Several listserv participants volunteered to share their experience with transitions with colleagues. For upcoming events check our calendar.

Prior Videos

The conversation covered a wide variety of topics, including Vault, document retention, suspending vs. removing accounts, Active Directory issues, synchronization errors and more.  

Just below the embedded video are some links shared during the conversation.

Links: Document Retention recommendations from NAIS

GAM, a command line tool for managing many aspects of GAFE.

Disaster Recovery

Jason Snook, a systems engineer with Quorum, joined us to discuss the principles of DRaaS or Disaster Recovery as a Service.  Jason shared communications techniques school technology leaders can utilize to better educate other school leaders about the importance of having a plan for recovering when a data catastrophe strikes.  Attendees learned how to assess their internal readiness, including suggestions for setting up realistic scenarios for testing recovering capacity.  Jason's line: "if it takes more than a few minutes, you're doing it wrong" resonated with those attending the webinar.

Did you miss the Leading IT All session at ATLIS 2016?  Were you intrigued by the tweets or the follow-up discussion on ISED-L? Catch Jamie Britto (Collegiate School, VA), Barry Kallmeyer (Hathaway Brown School, OH), Cathy Kyle (Presbyterian Day School, TN), Howard Levin (Convent & Stuart Hall, CA) and Jason Ramdsen (Ravenscroft, NC) as they re-create their standing-room-only session.  They were joined by Jack Hardcastle in the role of chief questioner.  Jack returned to school following ATLIS 2016 to learn that he was about to assume the title of CIO!  His request (plea?) for materials from the session on ISED-L led to a lively exchange and this offering.

ATLIS Makerspace User Group: Focus on Community Engagement from Sarah Hanawald on Vimeo.