Call for Nominations

The ATLIS Board of Directors (the Board) is seeking nominations for new members. Our members are encouraged to participate in the process by recommending potential candidates or self-nominating to the Executive Committee of the Board.

The Board is self-perpetuating and seeks to be representative of the membership.
Board members serve a 3-year term, starting July 1, and are eligible for re-election to a second 3-year term. The commitment of time and energy is significant; therefore accepting a position requires the support of the nominee's institution.

The selection of the best candidates is driven by the desire to assure that the Board is composed of engaged members with appropriate skills and experience who represent the diversity of the Association's membership.

Recommendations to the committee are only considered for this year's openings. In any given year, many excellent candidates may not be selected for the limited slots available.  Deadline: December 15, 2017

Recommendation Process Instructions:

The current openings on the board will begin July 1. The Board is seeking independent school expertise, strategic thinking, and individuals who are forward-looking from among technology leaders, heads of school and business partners within the community. Individuals who have a passion for independent schools, a strong commitment to the ATLIS mission and a track record of participation in ATLIS programs and services are desired. Please note that each recommended person requires the support of a second individual who may be contacted by the Executive Committee during the nominee review process.

The Executive Committee will be meeting in late-Winter and will forward a slate of nominees to the ATLIS Board of Directors for election in time for new members to join the Board for New Director Orientation at its Spring Board of Directors Meeting. All individuals recommended will be advised of the committee's decisions as soon as is practicable.

Considerations for Recommenders of Potential ATLIS Board Members
Person must be employed by or serve as an officer or director of a member school or organization. Additionally, candidates for nomination will be reviewed against the following criteria:

Demonstrated commitment to ATLIS
Demonstrated leadership ability and experience in ATLIS and/or other organizations
Experience consistent with the services and products provided by ATLIS
Appreciation for the respective role of the board in conjunction with the staff
Ability and Willingness to serve (Support from employer to allow person to perform role)
The recommender should, to the extent possible, make reference to these qualities on the recommendation form.

All recommendations for nomination and any information collected as part of the process are strictly confidential.

To self-nominate, use this form.

To nominate another individual, use this form.