Welcome to your ATLIS community. Together, we work to empower tech leaders in independent schools, find meaningful and lasting solutions to our challenges, collect resources, and support our schools better than ever. Together, the ATLIS community is serving as a catalyst for change in the independent school system. Be a part of something greater. Be a part of ATLIS. 

“There is an invisible sense of community that is really important to maintain. It’s easy for us to forget how important community is. We can get lost in devices and systems and functions, but it is so important for us to be reminded that we are not alone in our struggles.” - Ethan Delavan

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 "From my perspective, ATLIS provides me tons of info that I wouldn't necessarily have access to. It links me to people in the same positions from different places. It's invaluable! I've been looking for an ATLIS for many decades. It's fabulous!" -Wayne Peterson, Director of Technology at Blue Ridge School
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