Here’s How to Get Your Boss to Say Yes to ATLIS Ignited: 2022 Annual Conference

Do you love the idea of ATLIS Ignited, but don’t think your boss will feel the same way?

We’re here to help!

This page contains a few ideas, talking points, and an email template you can send to your boss (scroll down).

Talk to Your Boss

You know your boss the best. If she or he works better face-to-face, here are some talking points you can use:

  • I’d like to invest in my professional development so I can get better at _____________ (fill in the blank with the topics you want to learn more about; data and analytics, change management, cybersecurity, DEI, leadership skills and strategies, future of edtech, institutional research …)
  • This investment will help me help the school in the following ways: __________________ (ideas: be prepared for a cyber incident, leverage what we learned during the pandemic to move our school forward in a sustainable way,  …)
  • The sessions at the conference will help me address our school's strategic plan (or mission) in the following ways (list out some high-level topics).
  • I want to learn from other independent school technology leaders who have had proven results.
  • I want to learn what is working now, stay in the know, and use cutting-edge strategies.
  • I don’t want to guess what I should or shouldn’t do, especially when it comes to cyber safety for our school. I want to make sure that our technology plans and cybersecurity approaches are sustainable.
  • I can learn more about institutional research. 
  • I want to be the best that I can be in my career with our school. I believe ATLIS Ignited is a smart investment that can get me there.
  • Will you invest in me and approve of me attending?

A few important notes: Focus on the needs and mission of the school and how this will help you address them. If you can tie into how it will impact your school's strategic plan, that is another angle. Don’t focus on the details of the conference until you get a conceptual buy-in from your boss.

Send An Email to Your Boss

Quickly modify the email template below to fit your needs. 

NOTE: There are four areas in [ ] that you’ll want to customize. ALSO, if we have a sale going on you may want to mention that in the email. Scroll down for current pricing…


ATLIS 2022: Ignited Annual Conference Justification letter


I would like your approval to attend the ATLIS 2022: Ignited Annual Conference in Orlando, FL, from May 1-4. Now more than ever, it’s imperative that our tech team is well calibrated and that our technology plan is sustainable coming out of the pandemic. With cyber threats in schools on the rise, I believe being educated on the newest threats, prepared for an incident, and having a response plan ready for our school will put us in a good position if the worst should happen. 

My understanding is that the ATLIS 2022 Annual Conference has been designed to directly address the current needs of independent school technology programs for both edtech and operations. The conference program tracks are:  

●      Data & Analytics

●      Change Management

●      Cybersecurity 

●      Future of EdTech

●      Reinventing Teaching and Learning

●      Leadership Strategies and Skills

●      DEI and Technology

●      Institutional Research 

I hope to attend the following sessions to help our school’s specific needs:


[List out a few sessions you want to attend]


The cost of the conference registration is:

[Calculate your cost based on the pricing table on this page].

The hotel and travel cost is [calculate your travel cost by booking your hotel in the room block and checking out United Airlines discounts found on this page].

I am confident that investing in my professional development in these topic areas by sending me to this conference will be time and energy well spent.




If you have any questions, or would like more information, please email [email protected].