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As an experienced leader, you have the day-to-day under control. Setting a technology vision for the school can be a daunting task, but ATLIS has your back. Start with the Technology Impact and Efficacy Assessment to identify opportunities for growth for your school. Chat with peers across the country in real-time on through the private ATLIS Slack channel. The cybersecurity collection can keep you stay on the cutting edge.

Use the ATLIS360 Self-Study Guide as an opportunity for reflection and growth for your department. Implement an internal self-study of the role of technology in school programs and operations with the help of this vetted resource. It can be used to analyze school-wide initiatives, to conduct departmental strategic planning, to help manage transitions, or to assist in an accreditation review. Use the ATLIS360 to take your department to the next level. 

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Sample resource: ATLIS360: A Technology Self-Study Guide For Schools (Preview)


"To us first and foremost [ATLIS] means like-minded colleagues. The most valuable thing [about an ATLIS membership] is the resources. The audience/member schools that are involved are very similar in school operations and tech on a day to day basis. One of the things we like about the conference itself is one session focuses on IT, another on edtech, best practices, and curriculum- everything a tech director needs."  
-Adrienne Bononi, St. Matthew's Parish School

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