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Become a strategic leader. Stop putting out fires and use ATLIS resources to help you map out the future. Start with the Data and Analytics Center, where you can see what other schools of your same size are using in their technology department (and even how their departments are structured and staffed!).

Looking for a go-to resource? The ATLIS document library contains policies, best-practice templates, white papers, and even job descriptions. Save time and ensure that you are using relevant materials keeping your school up to speed.

Implement the Technology Impact and Efficacy (TIE) Assessment to get a 10-page custom report for your school using predictive analytics. It will benchmark you against other independent schools in three areas: IT Operations, EdTech, and Data Privacy/Cybersecurity. Make informed decisions backed by data, and manage your department's resources with confidence.

Need to save money? ATLIS has you covered there, too. Install the EdTech License Usage Evaluator to determine which resources are being utilized by your staff and students and how often. It was created with privacy in mind; it's safe to use with students, collecting only non-identifiable data and pinging only when an edtech site is accessed. Reports can show you which resources are critical to learning environments in your school, and which are just draining your department's resources. Data for the win!

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"We try not to be siloed. So many of the [ATLIS] resources -- like the online meetups, people who we meet through the listserv, and the ATLIS Slack channel -- give us opportunities and ideas to impact the school at large. Always study with people smarter than you. 

ATLIS provides us a seed, and we plant it somewhere else in the school. We can impact people outside the tech office. I participated in the esports Live Chat recently. I wouldn't be able to be as effective and knowledgeable by myself on that topic. ATLIS is a place to lean on others. We can start and support programs more easily because of the ATLIS community."

-Dan McGee, Laurel School
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