ATLIS Reads: A Book Seminar for Technology Thought Leaders 2019-2020
Theme: Leadership Literacies

Register today for this intensive seminar (single webinar registrations will not be offered); registrations will be limited to the first 30 participants.

Open: August 27 to September 26.  Complimentary registration for members; $129 for non-members. 

4 Live Webinar Conversations

We have selected four leadership-intensive books to be featured on live webinar conversations with thought leaders from the ATLIS community. Each webinar in our year-long book tour will explore the essential ingredients that affect your daily professional life and that can have a real impact your leadership legacy. 

Book Selections

Jared Colley HeadshotThe Blind Spot: Hidden Biases of Good People by Mahzarin Banaji and Anthony C Greenwald

Conversation Leader: Jared Colley
English Department Chair and Director of Professional Development at the Oakridge School, TX

September 25, 1 pm Eastern 


Lisa Lamont Headshot

The First 90 Days by Michael D. Watkins

Conversation Leader: Lisa Lamont, Director of Innovation and Institutional Learning, Hopkins School, CT

October 23, 1 pm Eastern


Connie White HeadshotThe Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More, & Change the Way You Lead Forever
by Michael Bungay Stanier

Conversation Leader: Connie White, Director of Learning Design and Innovation, Woodward Academy, GA

January 29, 1 pm Eastern


Vinnie Vrotny HeadshotThe Algorithmic Leader: How to be Smart when Machines Are Smarter than You by Mike Walsh

Conversation Leader: Vinnie Vrotny, Director of Technology, the Kinkaid School, TX

February 26, 1 pm Eastern

Look for Vinnie as a guest panelist on our upcoming ATLIS Emerging Trends webinar on "AI and Machine Learning," along with James Bologna of Windward School, CA, September 18, 2019, at 1 pm Eastern. Learn more about the webinar and register here.

Bonus! April 2020

At the ATLIS Annual Conference in Chicago, you will be invited to connect and reflect in person on what you've learned from this year-long book study.

LEADERSHIP LITERACIES critical to your professional growth: empathy and deep listening; effective communication; building trust, nurturing relationships, and sustaining engagement and in others; critical discernment; coaching;  algorithmic thinking and visioning; reflective practice.

1 Reflective Digital Portfolio

In addition to the webinar conversations, a companion ATLIS micro-course provides an opportunity for you to create a shareable reflection portfolio and earn a badge as an ATLIS Reads Thought Leader.

Add your reflections on leadership literacies to our micro-course* as the year-long book study and webinar conversations progress. 

  • Comment in an online portfolio after each conversation and define your take-aways for future growth. Develop and refine your leadership vision. 

  • Videos from each webinar will be archived only in the micro-course for later viewing. 

  • Share your completed portfolio as a data-embedded badge with your PLN and colleagues to spur further conversation. 

*ATLIS micro-courses provide just-in-time, individualized learning to help independent school technology leaders stay current in a quickly evolving field. Micro-courses are designed to be completed in an afternoon for an immediate impact on your school.

(The complete seminar, consisting of 4 webinars and 1 micro-course would cost $275, if purchased separately by non-member registrants.)