Summer 2020 Online PD for School Leaders

banner How is your technology department involved in making your campus safe for school reopening? We want to hear about your big ideas and solutions in our health-focused Summit. Whether it involves cleaning protocols for tech, innovative lunch service, SEL, or technology for health reporting, we want to learn from your plans and innovations

Our Essential Question: How can technology address health solutions for reopening school? 



  • What Tech Leaders Can Learn from The Parabola Project
    Jin-Soo Huh, The Learning Accelerator

  • Creating Health Plans for All Back-to-School Scenarios (see example on the ATLIS blog)
    Valerie Bourbeau, Senior Product Manager for Magnus Health

  • Zone Tracking in Hybrid Environments
    Daisy Steele, Catlin Gabel School, Portland, OR

  • Using Data-Backed Tools to Beat This: Seeing the COVID Story from Your Unique Culture 
    Justin Cullifer, Chief Product Officer, WellEntry by 7Factor Software

We want to hear from you about SEL, ergonomic workspaces, and how you are solving the everyday needs of staying safe at school!

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ATLIS Virtual Town Halls

ATLIS is here for you! We continue to host virtual town hall meetings so the community can come together to share ideas and provide support for one another.  

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July 22nd

That was then, this is now. The transition to online learning this past spring has opened the window for shifting schools towards new ways of engaging students in learning. 

We want to know how your PD is evolving.

  • How will you up your game with professional development to meet the needs of faculty and students where they are now?

  • How are you leveraging summer PD to sustain and support new hybrid learning environments?

Deadline for presenter submissions: July 15

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ATLIS Reads banner
Year-Long Book Seminar Technology Thought Leaders
4 Virtual Discussion
1 Microcourse Reflection Portfolio

We have selected four leadership-intensive books to be featured on live webinar conversations with thought leaders from the ATLIS community. Our focus on leading schools amid rapid change will provide a structure for extending your thought leadership in the coming  months. Our year-long book tour of leadership required during challenging times will provide a much-needed structure for developing your thought leadership with professional colleagues in the coming year. Learn more and register for the complete series

Teach Boldly

Preview ATLIS Reads 2021 with Special Guest

Dr. Jennifer Williams, author of Teach Boldly: Using Edtech for Social Good
August 5, 1 pm Eastern

Schools are now facing the huge challenge of reinventing themselves in the wake of COVID-19. Will they reopen in a new socially-distanced configuration in the Fall with a plan to nimbly transition to online learning once again if needed? Or will they adapt to some new hybrid model to serve their mission to educate students? 

This summit follows up discussions of the ATLIS Technology Considerations for Campus Reopening at our recent Virtual Town Hall. We are crowdsourcing the best ideas from our community for how to access the information needed to make informed decisions about planning ahead.

Presenters will be chosen from crowdsourced submissions addressing the questions: 

  • What information (stories/data) are you collecting and how? 

  • How are you using this information to learn from your experiences and plan ahead?

Access the archive of the June Summit

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