Show Me the Money: Budget Essentials in a Post-COVID World

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Must-See Video Highlights:

  • 8:018 – Curt shares a budgeting primer
  • 18:55 – Mary Kay discusses shared goals
  • 20:7 – Liz shares tips on how to work collaboratively with your CFO
  • 31:53 – Jeff shares success stories of working with a CFO and managing the tech budget efficiently
  • 44:22 – Jimmy talks about budgeting post-COVID

This session draws upon decades of budget experience from Curt Lieneck, former technology leader for the University of Chicago Lab School and founding faculty member for the ATLIS Leadership Institute, followed by real-world adaptations from current practitioners. We will hear about the impact of COVID on the budget process and ways to use data to get a handle on out-of-control software and services subscriptions. Essential to all of these circumstances is the partnership between the technology director and the school's financial officer. The panel will give rapid-fire advice and address questions from participants.

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Curt Lieneckretired technology director, ATLIS Pillar Award Recipient
Jeff DaytonThe Madeira School, VA
Jimmy Cudzilo, Miami Country Day School, FL

With a Special Guests from the National Business Officers Association:
Liz Maher, Director, Accounting and Tax Programs
Mary Kay Markunas, Director, Member Resources and Programs