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ATLIS Reads Fall Launch

ATLIS Reads is a community of thought readers who lead technology in the independent schools. In this post Kwaku Aning, Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking at San Diego Jewish School, CA, previews his conversation about Post Corona by Scott Galloway slated as our first ATLIS Reads event of the year on September 29. This year's conversations are centered around the theme of "Rethinking What Matters" using Post Corona in tandem with 9 BIG Questions Schools Must Answer to Avoid Going "Back to Normal" (*Because Normal Wasn't that Great to Begin With  from The BIG Questions Institute as a basis for thinking deeply about the schools we serve.  [15-minute read]


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ATLIS Virtual Town Hall 21 July 2021

The July 2021 Virtual Town Hall invited participants to share what they were most excited about for the coming school year and to ponder what kept them going when times were roughest. -- SD [10-minute read; 1 hour video]

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ATLIS Virtual Town Hall, July 21, 2021

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ATLIS Reads 2021-2022 Preview and Planning

ATLIS Reads is a community of thought readers who lead technology in the independent schools. Here we make plans for the coming year and discuss the first three questions in 9 BIG Questions Schools Must Answer to Avoid Going "Back to Normal" (*Because Normal Wasn't that Great to Begin With from The BIG Questions Institute. -- SD [15-minute read; 30-minute video]

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ATLIS Reads Preview and Planning
July 14, 2021 

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ATLIS Virtual Town Hall, June 16, 2021: Exploring New Roles and Responsibilities

In this gathering of the ATLIS Virtual Town Hall, participants pondered the changes that have come to the leadership role of technologists in independent schools, including acting as trusted guides for the many complex technologies that are now desired at their schools.The technology leader has a new sense of authority, but also new responsibilities. Leaders need time to reflect and reassess the nature of technology at their schools alongside other school leaders, but they also need to look to their teams and assess what to keep and what to let go. [10-minute read, 1 - hour video]

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ATLIS Virtual Town Hall, June 16, 2021

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Presenting ALI R&D Projects 2021

game boardThe ATLIS Leadership Institute asks its fellows to undertake a capstone project at the end of each year of learning together. The project builds on each team's collaborative learning and goals for the year, while also seeking to provide a tool, research, or though leadership that can benefit the larger community of technology leaders in independent schools.

ATLIS proudly presents the R&D project for the 2020-2021 Cohort below:

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ATLIS Virtual Town Hall, May 13, 2021: Through the Portal

The ATLIS Virtual Town Hall for May 12, 2021 found our technology colleagues at independent schools reflecting on their schools’ identities and pondering how to refresh both the tech and the tech teams at their schools this summer. -- SD [15-min. read, 1-hour video]

  • June 16, 1 pm Eastern: Save the date for our next Virtual Town Hall. Registration is required for new Virtual Town Hall participants and is free and open to all. If you have previously registered, you will automatically receive an invitation to join. 
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ATLIS Virtual Town Hall
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May 13, 2021 

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ATLIS Honors 2021 Leadership Cohort

This month 31 Fellows completed their work for the first international cohort of the ATLIS Leadership Institute. In 2020, ATLIS redesigned its leadership programming to meet the needs of technologists serving independent schools at any stage of their careers, adding to 4 previous cohorts of its earlier iteration as ECATD. Congratulate these members of the 2021 Cohort:
Brittany Adkins-Williams, STEM Integrator, York Preparatory School, NY
Wendy Apfel, Educational Technology Integrator, Bay School of San Francisco, CA
Becky Barrett, Educational Technologist, Good Shepherd Episcopal School, Dallas, TX
Damien Barrett, Director of Technology, Montclair Kimberley Academy, NJ
Baekkyoung Choi, System Specialist, Chadwick International School, South Korea
Barbara Cohen. Director of Technology, Brandeis Marin School, CA
Sarah Costello, Co-Director of Technology and Innovation, San Francisco Day School, CA
Jimmy Cudzilo, Interim CIO, Miami Country Day School, FL
Rebekah Daniell, Academic Technology Specialist, Lovett School, GA
Peter Evans, Technology Director, Francis W. Parker School, IL
Gabriel Gador, Program Manager, Information Technology, Poway Unified School District, CA
Matthew Herrera, Director of Information Technology Westtown School, PA
Brian King, Director of Technology, Fredericksburg Christian School, VA
James Lengel, Director of Technology, Hamlin School, CA
Robyn Little, Director of Educational Technology, McDonogh School, MD
Angela Mackenzie, Director of Educational Technology and Library, St. Margaret’s Episcopal School, CA
Colleen McNeil, Chief Technology Officer, St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School, VA
Jennifer Mehra, ISS Department Coordinator, The Blake School, MN
Carl (CJ) Micklitsch, Director of Technology, Canterbury School, IN
Jason Moore, KIOSC Educator & Project Coordinator, Swinburne University of Technology, Wantirna, Victoria, Australia
Erin O’Brien, Director of Technology, Isadore Newman School, LA
Frances Cortez O’Connor, Technology Integration Specialist, National Cathedral School, Washington, DC
Kimberly Pearson, Director of Technology, Kent Place School, NJ
Jeremy Rahn, Instructional Technology Coordinator, Cranbrook Schools, MI
Ashley Reed, Technology Education Coordinator, Temple Beth Am Day School, FL
JC Rodriguez, Database Manager, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, FL
Zack Smith, Training and Information Technician, The Bush School, WA
Jose Tagle, Director of Technology, The Buckley School, CA
Melissa Turner, Director of Educational Technology, Flint Hill School, VA
Tracey Williams, Design Thinking and Technology Integration Specialist and Ed-Tech Coordinator, All Saints Episcopal School, AZ
Phil Zaubi, IT Director, Porter-Gaud School, SC
Applications are being accepted for the newest ALI cohort. ALI’s team-oriented professional development program is designed to support your growth as the technology leader your school needs, no matter where you are in your career. Apply now -- the program begins June 25.

ATLIS Announces Incoming Directors

ATLIS Announces Incoming Directors

Hudson, Kern, Malter to join Board in July 2021

PRESS RELEASE: The Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS), the only professional association for independent school technology directors, announces the election of three highly qualified professionals to its board of directors: 

Eric Hudson, Director of Learning & Design, Global Online Academy
Jason Kern, Assistant Head of School for Innovation and Learning, All Saints Episcopal School, Tyler, Texas
Aggie Malter, President and CEO, PAISBO

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Measuring Up: ATLIS Announces 2021 Compensation Benchmark Report

ATLIS once again partnered with Ed Tech Recruiting to update its popular benchmark report focusing on what technology leaders earn in the way of salaries and benefits in their roles at independent schools. The 2021 Compensation Benchmark Report for Technology Leaders in Schools provides in-depth analysis that looks at compensation through a wide variety of lenses, giving tech leaders ample opportunity to have meaningful conversations around compensation. [10-minute read]

By Christina Lewellen, Executive Director

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ATLIS Cybersecurity Update (March 31, 2021)

ATLIS continues to provide critical information to the independent school community via its semi-annual Cybersecurity Update webinar. On March 31, 2021, regular contributors Todd Doss of the Ankura cybersecurity response team, Alex Inman of Educational Collaborators, and Buddy Pitt of Logically offered their latest insights, including how to build a team to conduct a self-audit, how to conduct regular, necessary training in how to avoid common pitfalls, and how to consider the changing landscape of cyber criminal behavior, including recent attacks that hijack software updates to sneak into your systems.  -- SD [5-minute read; 1-hour video]

ATLIS Cybersecurity Update (Webinar Video Archive)
March 31, 2021

Don't miss these ATLIS Cybersecurity Resources!

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ATLIS Virtual Town Hall, March 10, 2021: The BIG Portal Shifts with Special Guest Will Richardson

Our latest Virtual Town Hall introduced our audience to Will Richardson, keynote speaker for ATLIS 2021: Undaunted, and launched a discussion of the major shifts in our schools over the course of the past year.  Next we wondered what you think will stick after the pandemic has passed. We then ask what is the best vision of schools we can imagine for the future and how technology can undergird the vision we share. - SD [10-minute read; 1-hour video]

  • May 19, 1 pm Eastern: Save the date for our next Virtual Town Hall. Registration is required for new Virtual Town Hall participants and is free and open to all. If you have previously registered, you will automatically receive an invitation to join. 
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ATLIS Reads: Radical Candor by Kim Scott

Our year-long book seminar for technology thought leaders concludes with this guest post from Ethan Delavan, who previews Radical Candor: Fully Revised & Updated Edition Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity by Kim Scott. We welcome your ideas for ATLIS Reads book selections for 2021-2022. Send your suggestions to [email protected] -- SD [10-minute read]

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Do You Want Sympathy or Solutions?

At a recent Virtual Town Hall, Damien Barrett, Systems Administrator and Ed Tech Integrator at Montclair Kimberley Academy in New Jersey,illustration shared his philosophy for working with stressed colleagues and students as we all get through the challenges of this pandemic year. He shares more insights on this topic in this guest blog post. -- SD [10 minute read]

Guest Blogger: Damien Barrett 

When either my wife Alise or I have an obviously bad day, we have agreed to ask each other one simple, but powerful question: Are you seeking sympathy or solutions? 

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One More Time: Let’s Not Go Back to Normal

This post provides a window into the inspiration we expect to hear from Will Richardson, co-founder of The BIG Questions Institute and keynote for the ATLIS 2021: Undaunted Annual Conference on April 13. Spend some time with the new BQI ebook 9 BIG Questions Schools Must Answer to Avoid Going "Back to Normal" (*Because Normal Wasn't That Great to Begin With) before the virtual conference on April 12-13 and you'll be even more prepared to dig into the questions that matter for our community as we address how we can sustain innovations achieved in the past year and look ahead to plan the kinds of schools we hope to create for post-pandemic learners. -- SD [10-minute read]

coverGuest Blogger: Will Richardson
Co-founder, The BIG Questions Institute
Keynote: ATLIS 2021: Undaunted Annual Conference

I know there’s been a lot of talk of late about getting back to “normal” and the quest to regain some of our old rhythms in life. Everyone is exhausted. We just want to stop having to think about all of this and find some predictability.  

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ATLIS Virtual Town Hall 10 February 2021: Rethinking School with Special Guest Homa Tavangar

This virtual town hall begins with an introduction to Homa Tavangar, keynote speaker for ATLIS 2021 Undaunted, and a discussion of the wellbeing of the educators and their profession. This exposes a natural connection to the new Big Questions Institute ebook, 9 BIG Questions Schools Must Answer to Avoid Going "Back to *Normal" (*Because "Normal" Wasn't That Great to Begin With). This led to a deeper dive into the impact of the pandemic on the personnel who have kept schools up and running and a closer look at the evolution PD for reaching overloaded teachers who shut down at the prospect of "one more thing." - SD [10-minute read; 1-hour video]

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  • February 10, 1 pm Eastern: Save the date for our next Virtual Town Hall. Registration is required for new Virtual Town Hall participants and is free and open to all. If you have previously registered, you will automatically receive an invitation to join. 
  • Complete Virtual Town Hall Video Archive (Wakelet)

ATLIS Virtual Town Hall
February 10, 2021
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Technology Benchmarking: How Did Your School Fare During the Pandemic?

ATLIS 2021 Technology Landscape Survey gives immediate insights.


Like many things unexpectedly disrupted with the onset of the pandemic, ATLIS’s annual Technology Impact and Efficacy (TIE) Assessment was derailed in 2020. We were mid-collection when the landscape irrevocably shifted, leaving us to evaluate the benchmarking information that technology leaders would most need right now. With that, we’re pleased to announce we’ve partnered with Educational Collaborators, our TIE Assessment partner, and author Pamela Gaudet to design a quick, meaningful diagnostic tool that provides immediate feedback to technology leaders at independent schools. 

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Are we REALLY gathering in Seattle? Yes, we are.

retreat graphicIf you’ve been waiting for the green light, it’s all systems “go” for Seattle. 

If you’re wondering whether we are moving forward with our in-person retreat in Seattle, the answer is: absolutely. We get the sense that some of you might be wondering if it’s really going to happen, so allow us to clarify some questions! 

Once you register for the ATLIS 2021: Undaunted virtual conference, which takes place April 12-13, you’ll be provided the information to add on the retreat and round out your experience for a nominal additional fee. We’ll be building on the core content offered during the virtual conference with a deeper dive and plenty of time for guided personal contextualizing and strategizing. Join us April 25-28 for a memorable retreat experience. 

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Nominations Open for ATLIS Pillar Awards

If you or someone you know is a technology leader who has stepped into the spotlight in the last year, the time has come for formal recognition. ATLIS is calling for Pillar Award nominations through March 1. 

The ATLIS Pillar Awards were established in 2018 to honor individuals whose body of work exemplify independent school technology leaders. Nominators are encouraged to tie their nominations directly to the ATLIS vision and mission statements. 

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20 Years in Edtech, 20 Lessons Learned

Curt Lieneck is legendary among independent school technology leaders. When he began posting tweets last Fall gleaned from his decades of experience in the field, we paid attention. Happily, Lieneck has allowed ATLIS to collect his wisdom into this blog post. It's actually 21 tips, but who's counting. -- SD [10-minute read]


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ATLIS Wants to Reward You for All You've Done This Year

conference banner

Our team has witnessed firsthand the heroic efforts technology leaders have put forth to serve independent schools this year. In some cases, these selfless contributors are recognized for going above and beyond. Unfortunately, too often it’s still the case that technology leaders remain the unsung heroes in the pandemic. This is why the ATLIS team aims to find ways to celebrate and reward technology leaders.

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