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Personal and Professional Development through Giving Back

Since joining the ATLIS staff last April, I have been impressed by the tremendous spirit of giving back that runs through our community of technology leaders and educators. At ATLIS, we are certainly thankful for how the members of our community are eager to inform and share with colleagues, to connect around shared concerns and ideas, and to reflect on professional practice as we ponder how deeply technology is embedded in nearly every aspect of independent schools.

But what has struck me most lately is that giving back in the context of ATLIS’s programs, whether it is done to expand the knowledge base for all, or to create relationships through shared stories, or just because because it feels like the good and right thing to do, giving back also plays a huge role in personal growth and professional development. It stretches us as we create learning pathways with cherished colleagues and challenges us through friendly competition. By giving back to the larger tech community, we learn together and grow the profession. -- SD

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What Do Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Mean for Technology Leaders?

For this post, Renee Ramig of the Seven Hills School (CA) and newly appointed Editor of ACCESS POINTS, the ATLIS annual journal, shares a personal view of how this year's theme of "Technology for Equity, Access, and Inclusion" is relevant for every technology leader. We hope you will share your thoughts for a contribution to the journal -- whether it is a scholarly study or a personal story -- as a way of sharing your leadership for technology in independent schools. The deadline for abstract submissions is this Friday, October 27th. You can find more information on how you can submit your ideas here. -- SD

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