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ATLIS Virtual Town Hall: Meeting the Needs of Our Youngest Learners

Over the past few months, a constant refrain of concerns about working in hybrid learning environments with younger students has emerged in our Virtual Town Halls and other conversations. The need for a specially focused Town Hall on Meeting the Needs of Our Youngest Learners thus emerged. For this conversation, we focused on the faculty perspective, even as we recognized the need to wrestle with parent, student, and larger community concerns as well. -- SD [15-minute read]


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ATLIS Virtual Town Hall, 22 April 2020 & Clearinghouse Update

According to the ATLIS Vitals Check, 100% of our survey participants have completed the transition to online learning. ATLIS staff reflections about the development of the past few weeks identify three stages of the transition: "All Hands on Deck, followed by "OMG, It's Working... and now "Looking to the Future" as Technology leaders are beginning to reflect on the changes that changes to virtual school have wrought, particularly on their positions within the school. More immediate challenges discussed include end-of-year programs, to record or not to record 1:1 meetings, and vetting tools and resources discovered by faculty. This VTH archive also includes an update on the new resources to be found on the ATLIS Clearinghouse page. -- SD

[10-minute read; 1-hour video]

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ATLIS Provides a Wealth of Resources for Technology Leaders Addressing COVID-19

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The ATLIS staff has been curating resources gleaned from technology leaders around the world for the ATLIS Clearinghouse: Coronavirus Resources for Technology Leaders. The web resource, which is updated frequently throughout each day, provides needed information, templates, instructional plans, and vendor materials in one centralized space for your convenience. If you have a resource you wish to share, please contact Susan Davis, Professional Development Director for ATLIS, at [email protected].
Collected below are the newest resources added to the Clearinghouse in the past week.


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