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Important Announcement: ATLIS Retreat Pushed to July

In the wake of recent announcements that all eligible and interested parties will have access to a COVID-19 vaccine by May, ATLIS is pleased to share that it has worked with the Seattle venue to push back the ATLIS 2021: Undaunted in-person retreat to July 24-27, 2021.

“We know that many people in our community are interested in attending the retreat, but the timing of vaccine availability wasn’t aligning with our late April dates,” said Christina Lewellen, executive director of ATLIS. “When our hotel venue was open to partnering on later dates, we knew it would also open up the possibility for more interested attendees to join us for this important immersive experience. We were always confident we could host a safe event and now the later July timing gives us the opportunity to deliver the retreat experience to more of those who want to participate."

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One More Time: Let’s Not Go Back to Normal

This post provides a window into the inspiration we expect to hear from Will Richardson, co-founder of The BIG Questions Institute and keynote for the ATLIS 2021: Undaunted Annual Conference on April 13. Spend some time with the new BQI ebook 9 BIG Questions Schools Must Answer to Avoid Going "Back to Normal" (*Because Normal Wasn't That Great to Begin With) before the virtual conference on April 12-13 and you'll be even more prepared to dig into the questions that matter for our community as we address how we can sustain innovations achieved in the past year and look ahead to plan the kinds of schools we hope to create for post-pandemic learners. -- SD [10-minute read]

coverGuest Blogger: Will Richardson
Co-founder, The BIG Questions Institute
Keynote: ATLIS 2021: Undaunted Annual Conference

I know there’s been a lot of talk of late about getting back to “normal” and the quest to regain some of our old rhythms in life. Everyone is exhausted. We just want to stop having to think about all of this and find some predictability.  

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Are we REALLY gathering in Seattle? Yes, we are.

retreat graphicIf you’ve been waiting for the green light, it’s all systems “go” for Seattle. 

If you’re wondering whether we are moving forward with our in-person retreat in Seattle, the answer is: absolutely. We get the sense that some of you might be wondering if it’s really going to happen, so allow us to clarify some questions! 

Once you register for the ATLIS 2021: Undaunted virtual conference, which takes place April 12-13, you’ll be provided the information to add on the retreat and round out your experience for a nominal additional fee. We’ll be building on the core content offered during the virtual conference with a deeper dive and plenty of time for guided personal contextualizing and strategizing. Join us April 25-28 for a memorable retreat experience. 

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ATLIS Wants to Reward You for All You've Done This Year

conference banner

Our team has witnessed firsthand the heroic efforts technology leaders have put forth to serve independent schools this year. In some cases, these selfless contributors are recognized for going above and beyond. Unfortunately, too often it’s still the case that technology leaders remain the unsung heroes in the pandemic. This is why the ATLIS team aims to find ways to celebrate and reward technology leaders.

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ATLIS 2021: Undaunted Annual Conference Announced

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Contact: [email protected]

This is not your ordinary conference. And we’re not just saying that. 

It’s a virtual event, AND we’re offering an in-person add-on retreat for those who are willing and able to gather with us in Seattle. 

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Spotlight Speaker Scott McLeod Designs the Future for Independent Schools

Welcome to the first in our series of interviews with our Spotlight Speakers for the ATLIS Annual Conference. Here we share insights from Dr. Scott McLeod, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Colorado Denver and author of Harnessing Technology for Deeper Learning and the blog Dangerously Irrelevant. McLeod is widely recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts on P-12 school technology leadership issues. For Monday's Spotlight Speaker format at the Annual Conference, we ask the same question of three experts for them to address from different perspectives. This post provides a glimpse of McLeod's response to "How would you design the future for independent schools?" -- SD

Annual Conference 2020 Logo

How would you design the future for independent schools?

[10-minute read]

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Who’s in Charge? You Are.

We’re taking steps that allow you to customize your conference experience. 

Executive Director Christina Lewellen shares a new annual conference planning process that puts you in charge. [10-minute read]

Let’s talk about how much I love Starbucks. I was an early adopter (and defender) of the chain because 1) I can get exactly what I want, and 2) I know I’m going to get exactly what I expect for my $5. Whether you’re a fan of Starbucks’ lattes or not, the company certainly kicked off a culture of customization that has transcended many industries.

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Back(casting) to the Future

"My task is to think of innovative technology for future robotics missions and implement them," Dr. Ayanna Howard, 2002. [10-minute read]

Early in her career as a roboticist (and long before Matt Damon colonized Mars), Dr. Ayanna Howard, ATLIS 2019 Opening Keynote Speaker, described her work for NASA in a way that aligns with the responsibilities of independent school technology leadership. Technology is at the heart of one of the foremost challenges our schools face: preparing our students to succeed on missions we can barely currently describe. Our Annual Conference theme for 2019 is “Deep in the Heart of TECHness.”

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9 Reasons to Present at the ATLIS Annual Conference

Are you thinking about writing a proposal for the ATLIS Annual Conference in Dallas? Do you find yourself hesitating for any number of reasons? Ask yourself, instead, why you SHOULD submit a proposal. Here are 9 reasons why. -- SD

[10-minute read]

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Launched! ATLIS Annual Conference Highlights

In this post, ATLIS Executive Director Sarah Hanawald shares her reflections on our Annual Conference, held last month in Crystal City, Virginia. The cherry blossoms were in bloom, the conversation flowed, the speakers inspired, and the keynotes pushed our thinking. Here Sarah looks back on conference highlights and looks forward with new and evolving programs that have been launched. -- SD

[10-minute read]

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The Crucial Role of Technology Leadership: An Interview with Donna Orem

The Crucial Role of Technology Leadership: An Interview with Donna Orem

Earlier this year, ATLIS Executive Director Sarah Hanawald sat down with NAIS President Donna Orem to talk about the role of technology leaders in independent schools today. What follows in this candid interview provides insight into how technologists can help move other school leaders move toward innovation in the face of disruptions and struggle to adapt to the changing world around us. -- SD

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Meet Vidigami at the ATLIS Annual Conference 2018

We are thrilled to have Vidigami's support as a Platinum Sponsor of our Annual Conference in Crystal City, Virginia, April 15-18. We are reposting this March 5, 218 blog from the Vidigami website as an introduction to the workshops Vidigami will host at the conference (plus contests!) and to the photo portal they will provide to the ATLIS community for the coming year, starting at the conference. We look forward to sharing photos with you about the learning that is happening at your schools and in your own professional lives. -- SD

[10-minute read]

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Tricia Edwards on How to Spark Inquiry Learning

Recently, Sarah Hanawald, Executive Director of ATLIS, had the opportunity to interview Tricia Edwards, Head of Education for the Smithsonian’s Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation at the National Museum of American History. Edwards, who will present the Tuesday Keynote for our annual conference, shared her back story as an educator and the evolution of the SparkLabs at the Smithsonian. View the video of their conversation for a sneak peak into our offerings for the ATLIS Annual Conference in April. -- SD

(5-minute read; video)

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Designing for Change from the Ground Up

As schools design for innovation and change by offering critical professional development for teachers, hacking schedules, implementing school-wide initiatives from the top, or revamping the very nature of the classroom -- education leaders now must examine physical spaces as landscapes for reinventing learning. Yet, are technologists invited to the table as those changes are envisioned, designed, and implemented?  -- SD

(10-minute read)

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6 Steps for Polishing Your Proposal for ATLIS 2018

Lots of people have trouble turning their grand ideas or best practices into a presentation, even if they know their content backwards, forwards, and sideways. They freeze up despite the huge need the audience may have for what the proposal writer hopes to share. You may feel daunted by the writing, or you may not feel that you have put all the pieces of your idea together yet. This post can help you get started with the proposal writing process for ATLIS 2018. Remember, the proposals are due on September 30! -- Susan Davis, Professional Development, ATLIS

You can find a video of the webinar I made on proposal writing here. See a preview of what's on the submission form here.

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Having Your Say: Attendee Responses to ATLIS AC 2017

As we studied the responses of this year’s attendees to our annual conference held last month in Los Angeles, we were pleased to find that the data reinforced the positive zeitgeist we had detected from personal interactions with attendees. We saw that you valued the inspiration of both keynotes and that you sought information and new connections to stretch your thinking. You found your investment of time and money yielded important interaction with trusted mentors and colleagues. This was the magic of the 2017 ATLIS annual conference: a community abuzz with the opportunity to learn together.

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