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Technology Benchmarking: How Did Your School Fare During the Pandemic?

ATLIS 2021 Technology Landscape Survey gives immediate insights.


Like many things unexpectedly disrupted with the onset of the pandemic, ATLIS’s annual Technology Impact and Efficacy (TIE) Assessment was derailed in 2020. We were mid-collection when the landscape irrevocably shifted, leaving us to evaluate the benchmarking information that technology leaders would most need right now. With that, we’re pleased to announce we’ve partnered with Educational Collaborators, our TIE Assessment partner, and author Pamela Gaudet to design a quick, meaningful diagnostic tool that provides immediate feedback to technology leaders at independent schools. 

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ATLIS Virtual Town Hall: School Opening Update (9 September 2020)

Our September Virtual Town Hall gave a glimpse into the realities of what school reopening has looked like for technology leaders across the country. We asked participants to share what school looks like for them -- whether it is fully online, hybrid/hi-flex, or face-to-face. Much of our conversation focused on providing the right kind of devices to teachers who are delivering content to both in-person and online learners. We ended with a number of nagging questions that still keep tech leaders up at night and some practical advice about how to deal with help desk overload fueled by pandemic anxieties and the new technologies schools are adding into the mix. -- SD [10-minute read; 1-hour video] 

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Seeing Is Believing: Persuasion via Data Visualization

This week's post "From the Executive Director's Desk" points out the growing importance of data visualization in the world today. What is your school doing to take advantage of this powerful tool? -- SD

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Happy New Year!

 With this post, Sarah Hanawald begins a new series, "From the Executive Director's Desk," sharing ATLIS resources that can help your new school year run more smoothly.  -- SD

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Making Sense of GDPR


If you haven’t heard about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) the EU’s new standard for privacy protection on the web, you will. In this guest blog post, Brent LaRowe, Registrar at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools (IL), provides some helpful advice on how the new rules may -- or may not -- apply to independent schools. In this adjustment period, LaRowe suggest that schools “expand on some existing good practices in order to meet a basic level of compliance.” -- SD

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ATLIS Cyber Threat Assessment February 2018

ATLIS views cybersecurity as a critical area of concern for technology leaders in independent schools. In this post, you will find the February 2018 update of the ALIS Cyber Threat Assessment. Are you ready for a deeper dive into professional development designed specifically for independent schools? securing your school from cyber threats? Learn more about our two-day cybersecurity workshop designed specifically for technology leaders and risk management professionals, to be held this summer, July 19-20, at Trinity Valley School in Fort Worth, Texas. -- SD

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Connecting, Reflecting, and Creating within the ATLIS Community

As part of a recent G-Suite User Group webinar on leveraging G-Suite tools for curriculum mapping, Richard Anderson of Washington International School (DC) and Barry Kallmeyer of Hathaway-Brown School (OH) relayed the story of their collaboration on curriculum mapping tools that developed out of a bootcamp workshop at the ATLIS 2017 Annual Conference. Their connection continued online in a Google+ community and will continue to evolve with new participants and partners at ATLIS 2018. Learn more about what came of their collaboration and open source sharing in this blog post. -- SD

Richard Anderson and Barry Kallmeyer on Curriculum Mapping with G-Suite

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Insights from DASL

Data -- what can it do for you? How can it provide avenues to insight and guidance for the future? Our connection at ATLIS with the DASL data from NAIS can provide valuable information for technology leaders who know how to harness it. In this post, Sarah Hanawald, Executive Director of ATLIS, reflects on the importance of data collection as a resource for deeper analysis. We urge our members to set aside the time to complete their DASL data collection this fall so that you can have it at your fingertips when questions arise throughout the year. The DASL deadline is October 11 for 2017, so don't wait! -- SD

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