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Tech Leaders Rally Response to Coronavirus

ATLIS partnered with ISTE's IISN to launch a live chat of technology leaders from around the world to tell their stories and discuss strategies for school continuity in response to COVID-19. Among the many lessons learned was the need to create spaces for this group of forward-thinking technology educators, which is isolated from peers and colleagues even under "normal" circumstances, to create a space for connecting over the course of the coming weeks. To that end, ATLIS has created a weekly Virtual Town Hall tor the community to come together until further notice. Below we share the video from our first gathering, questions raised, and resources shared. -- SD

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You Can Do It: Online and Blended Learning When You Need It Most

As schools begin to address possible concerns of undertaking their mission to teach even in the midst of a possible shut-down due to health concerns, Susan Davis, Professional Development Director for ATLIS and an educator who has been comfortable in online or blended learning environments for decades, offers some basic advice drawing upon her experiences. Her message to independent schools: You can do this. 

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Power Up Your Learning in the ATLIS Community

We loved learning about new forms of PD from the recent webinar, “How to Deliver PD on Demand: 3 Ways to Power Up Professional Learning in Independent Schools” with Brad Spirrison and Dr. Jennifer Williams of Participate. In particular, we are excited about opportunities for developing the ATLIS personal learning network via the ATLIS Community portal. For the 2019 ATLIS Annual Conference, we are pleased to offer additional opportunities for you to explore, including courses in conjunction with the 2019 Hackathon and the ATLIS Reflection ⇒ Ideation Lab, resources curated  around “Leadership in the Digital Age,” and authentic conversations related to these topics and the conference theme, “Deep in the Heart of TECHness.” -- SD

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Designing for Change from the Ground Up

As schools design for innovation and change by offering critical professional development for teachers, hacking schedules, implementing school-wide initiatives from the top, or revamping the very nature of the classroom -- education leaders now must examine physical spaces as landscapes for reinventing learning. Yet, are technologists invited to the table as those changes are envisioned, designed, and implemented?  -- SD

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Personal and Professional Development through Giving Back

Since joining the ATLIS staff last April, I have been impressed by the tremendous spirit of giving back that runs through our community of technology leaders and educators. At ATLIS, we are certainly thankful for how the members of our community are eager to inform and share with colleagues, to connect around shared concerns and ideas, and to reflect on professional practice as we ponder how deeply technology is embedded in nearly every aspect of independent schools.

But what has struck me most lately is that giving back in the context of ATLIS’s programs, whether it is done to expand the knowledge base for all, or to create relationships through shared stories, or just because because it feels like the good and right thing to do, giving back also plays a huge role in personal growth and professional development. It stretches us as we create learning pathways with cherished colleagues and challenges us through friendly competition. By giving back to the larger tech community, we learn together and grow the profession. -- SD

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