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20 Years in Edtech, 20 Lessons Learned

Curt Lieneck is legendary among independent school technology leaders. When he began posting tweets last Fall gleaned from his decades of experience in the field, we paid attention. Happily, Lieneck has allowed ATLIS to collect his wisdom into this blog post. It's actually 21 tips, but who's counting. -- SD [10-minute read]


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ATLIS Announces 2020 Pillar Award Winners

Bigenho, Kallmeyer, White recognized with association’s top honor

March 30, 2020—The Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS), the only professional association for independent school technology directors, announced today the recognition of three highly accomplished professionals as 2020 ATLIS Pillar Award winners:

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It's About Time

With this post, ATLIS inaugurates a blog series from the winners of the ATLIS Pillar Awards. Curt Lieneck, who is on the faculty of the Early Career and Aspiring Technology Directors Institute, shares in this post his reflections on time from the perspective of someone who has recently retired from multiple decades as a leader of technology in schools. You can learn more about the ATLIS Pillar Awards in our 1 May 2018 post, "Launched! ATLIS Annual Conference Highlights."

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Curt LIeneck

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