ATLIS Executive Director Shares 2020 Holiday Message

In this post at the end of a challenging year, Christina Lewellen, Executive Director of ATLIS, shares a holiday message for the independent school technology leaders in our community. -- SD [10-minute read] 

I usually look forward to decking out the house in holiday lights, and I’ve been known to spend days shuffling ladders and adorning surfaces high and low with my LED color palette of the year. 

This year, however, I thought a simple presentation would lend itself to a more lasting impression. I was right. By the time I drive up to my house in the evenings, I usually have to wait for several cars stopped for pictures before I can pull into my driveway. Seems I’ve hit the nail on the head with a message worthy of social media sharing. 

I do not minimize in any way the enormous challenges presented to us in 2020. I do celebrate what we were able to accomplish despite the sizable hurdles. Technology leaders across the country stepped up like never before for their independent school communities, and it’s been an honor for our ATLIS team to have supported these leaders, at least in some small part, on their impressive journeys. 

Flipping the page to a new calendar year doesn’t mean 2021 is suddenly something much different from 2020. In fact, our recovery from 2020--emotionally, economically, professionally, or just about any other aspect -- is  likely to take years.  Still, 2020 shaped us. It changed us. It’s worth taking a moment to absorb how far we’ve come as we bid it farewell. 

In that vein, I wish you a year-end holiday season filled with health, happiness, and pride. The ATLIS team stands ready to support you in 2021 and beyond, and I can genuinely say I’m looking forward to what 2021 has in store.   

Congratulations for what you contributed in what has been an extraordinary year. 

Christina Lewellen 
Executive Director, ATLIS

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