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How to navigate the various conversations internally within your school and externally with your SIS vendor when your school wants to do something within the SIS that is risky or may introduce too much complexity. Conversation leaders Anne Sena, of St. David’s School in Raleigh, NC and Bill Stites, of Montclair Kimberley Academy in Montclair, NJ, will share details of how they navigated the political, technical and human aspects of these type of discussions in a way that preserved, if not strengthened, their relationships with everyone involved while reducing risk, maintaining a supportable architecture and working to enable the ideas their schools had to differentiate and evolve.


Chat Transcript

12:06:03 From Susan Davis : Welcome everyone! Please share your comments, resources, and other information in the chat.
12:06:41 From Susan Davis : Hi Erikka! Feel free to unmute to contribute to the the conversation!
12:10:32 From Ashley Cross : I like ‘SIS Steward’ :)
12:11:09 From William Stites : Good term for sure… speaks to the fact that you are part of a whole and not the single owner of all
12:11:10 From eadams : Hello! Sorry I’m late. I am Erikka Adams, an Emerging Tech Librarian at a 9-12 grade private school.
12:11:32 From Ashley Cross : What could go wrong?!
12:12:15 From Vinnie Vrotny : Sorry I am late, I’m Vinnie Vrotny, Director of Technology at the Kinkaid School, Houston TX
12:14:59 From Susan Davis : Good to think about: What is your role as technology steward?
12:22:16 From Karie Hayes : Hello, This is Karie Hayes from the Wheeler School
12:22:22 From Ashley Cross : If you don’t have a data map, check out https://atlis.memberclicks.net/online-micro-courses
12:22:25 From Susan Davis : Welcome, Karie!
12:23:38 From Jeff : Can you share that Bill?
12:23:40 From Susan Davis : Sometimes these “say what?” situations happen in a process vacuum.
12:23:45 From eadams : ditto to Jeff’s comment
12:24:35 From Vinnie Vrotny : Yes, Bill, it would be great if you could share this.
12:25:18 From Susan Davis : Best Practice 1: Define your scope and role, have the conversations you need to have. Best practice 2: establish effective processes to provide structure.
12:26:30 From Jeff : Shadow IT
12:26:43 From Susan Davis : Big question: how do you keep the tech team in the loop and involve them sooner rather than later.
12:28:21 From Ashley Cross : If you are an ATLIS member school that uses GSuite, you can install the EdTech License Usage Chrome Extension: https://atlis.memberclicks.net/member-center
12:28:47 From Ashley Cross To Susan Davis(privately) : Yes
12:30:13 From Susan Davis : How do you educate your constituents when you have to say no?
12:30:44 From Susan Davis : Opportunity for data safety training?
12:31:21 From William Stites : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J9j9r-wEztOcMqx-QLQQynqEbUmDv1zUDU03zeyX3SA/edit?usp=sharing
12:31:21 From Susan Davis : Here’s Bill’s document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J9j9r-wEztOcMqx-QLQQynqEbUmDv1zUDU03zeyX3SA/edit?usp=sharing
12:31:31 From Ashley Cross : You can change your view in the upper right corner. I like ‘gallery’ aka Brady Bunch view :)
12:32:57 From Susan Davis : Love that you understand that the person asking “really wants” this! Maybe there’s a conversation there.
12:35:22 From Susan Davis : Lesson 3: How can you get folks to plan ahead for implementation?
12:35:43 From Ashley Cross : Just click a button!
12:35:46 From Ashley Cross : :D
12:35:46 From Dorenda Davis : You just have to click a button
12:35:57 From David Kapferer : Advancement Office wants access to the Admissions system so they can follow the application process for legacy and sibling applicants — and, presumably, anticipate future (major) donors within the applicant pool.
12:37:06 From Dorenda Davis : You want what - WHEN?
12:37:24 From Dorenda Davis : Getting people to understand that things take time.
12:37:27 From Susan Davis : @Dorenda Yes!
12:39:03 From Susan Davis : Lesson 4: Making changes in partnership.
12:39:55 From Susan Davis : Lesson 5: Understanding your resources.
12:41:00 From Susan Davis : @William Stites, I’m thinking of your “heat” map for your projects during the year!
12:42:11 From Anne Sena : Another thing important to this currently conversation is the good ole "Time, Cost, Scope" triangle… anytime you increase or decrease one side of the triangle the other two are affected.
12:43:47 From Dorenda Davis : I have another meeting. This is such a great discussion. Thank you. I will review the recording.
12:43:59 From Susan Davis : Old teacher saying: Your lack of preparation does not become my emergency.
12:44:25 From dcovington : We adopted that heat map!
12:45:36 From Susan Davis : If you are the person who always puts the breaks on, how can you frame this as being supportive to innovation?
12:45:44 From Susan Davis : Brakes, sorry
12:46:34 From Susan Davis : Yes, and…
12:47:48 From Susan Davis : Let’s talk about what we can do...
12:48:06 From Susan Davis : Lesson 5: Help me prioritize
12:53:17 From Susan Davis : Does anyone have a situation you couldn’t figure out how to handle?
12:53:32 From Jeff : Do we have that option?
12:54:06 From Susan Davis : There’s always the HOS asked for it yesterday...
12:54:16 From Jeff : ATLIS and the listserv!
12:55:18 From dcovington : Thank you!
12:55:22 From Jeff : Thanks!
12:55:30 From Jeff Smith : Thank you!
12:55:43 From Kim Pearson : Thanks!

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