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#ATLISlife Laurel School Feature

Laurel School, ATLIS members since 2016

Dan McGee, Director of Technology & Library Services 

What does #ATLISlife mean to you? 

"For me, it gives me a community of people who know what I do day-to-day and the unique needs of my role. I can trust the ATLIS community to give honest opinions, feedback, and recommendations. It's like a resource right next door to me even though they are across the country. I have a close-knit community with hundreds of friends. Many times we meet at the ATLIS Annual Conference, and the connections continue online when I return home."

What’s happening in your world that members should know?

"We're dipping into Mixed Reality with a new, exciting program, with more to come soon! We recently hosted a PD event at our school with Fujitsu where we brought in industry experts. We talked about assessing hard-to-quantify things, like how your 1:1 program is going.  We’re dipping into makerspaces more than we have in the past. At Laurel School, we came to makerspaces through more of a design thinking slant, and we balance it in a different way. By taking a look at tech integration and computer science programming, we identified where we were and infrastructure keeps the lights on academically. We're asking tough questions like "Are we using the right LMS? Are we using it in the right ways?" It all comes together. The hardest thing about our job is that everything is related. We have to parse it out into something manageable."

How are you using ATLIS throughout your school? 

"We try not to be siloed. So many of the resources -- like the online meetups, people who we meet through the listserv, and the ATLIS Slack channel -- give us opportunities and ideas to impact the school at large. 

Always study with people smarter than you. 

ATLIS provides us a seed, and we plant it somewhere else in the school. We can impact people outside the tech office. I participated in the esports Live Chat recently. I wouldn't be able to be as effective and knowledgeable by myself on that topic. ATLIS is a place to lean on others. We can start and support programs more easily because of the ATLIS community."

-Dan McGee
Laurel School

 Dan at ATLIS Annual Conference with colleagues


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