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Blue Ridge School St George, VA, ATLIS members since 2017

Wayne Peterson, Director of Technology

What does #ATLISlife mean to you? 

"From my perspective, ATLIS provides tons of info that I wouldn't necessarily have access to. It links me to people in the same positions from different places. It's invaluable! I've been looking for an ATLIS for many decades. It's fabulous!"

What’s happening in your world that members should know?

"From a school-wide perspective, we're working on accreditation, which is linked to the strategic plan. We're crossing the finish line this week. We continue to work on the wireless expansion.  We have no cell signal on campus, so WiFi is often our only connection to the outside world.  As a boarding school, that means 24/7 support for students, staff, faculty, and, of course, the faculty that lives here. We're always in the process of expanding and improving. Old structures make it difficult but we continue to make progress."

How are you using ATLIS throughout your school? 

"I've been involved in the cybersecurity program. It has been incredibly beneficial and gives me a platform to deliver information to faculty, students and staff. At Blue Ridge School, we've completed the ATLIS member phishing exercise as well as follow-up on many of ATLIS recommended best-practice. There's great buy-in from staff and faculty because it's coming from ATLIS. It adds legitimacy to our efforts!"

-Wayne Peterson
Blue Ridge School

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