Cyber Security: Where to Start?

Jamie Britto from  Collegiate School (VA) and Denise Musselwhite from Trinity Preparatory School (FL)  team up for a webinar  on Thursday, April 13, 2017 (10:00 to 11:00 AM PDT) to explore steps school leaders can take to address cyber security on independent school campuses. Jamie and Denise will focus on no or low-cost options that can immediately improve your school’s cyber security; they will also share next steps for technology leaders who must face the evolving challenges of securing school networks. Here is an overview of this important ATLIS event.

This webinar inverts the approach used at our two-day workshop (co-hosted by ATLIS and ISACS) by starting with tactics, then looking at strategy, and wrapping up with a brief look at concepts which need to be addressed in the future.


The webinar will share data about schools that currently use two-factor authentication on email and about their use of hard drive encryption (both Mac and Windows OS), discussing why each is important and providing tips and advice for implementation. For example, did you know that 75% to 90% of cyber incidents begin with an email?


Cyber security requires an all-school effort. So, first, technology leaders should take the step of forming a team to work with colleagues and other offices to identify and implement cyber security strategies. Teams then develop a training program that incorporates specialized training for different roles. Then, just as other administrators plan and implement emergency drills, so must tech leaders regularly run simulated phishing attacks.

Future Concepts

In our constantly changing world, tech leaders must make every effort to understand the evolving threat environment. One step involves measuring and probing your school’s risk tolerance. Consider exploring cyber security insurance as a way to help your school develop its own Threat Assessment and Mitigation Strategy.


As you begin the process of implementing cyber security for your school, here are some resources to help you get started. Join our webinar for a thorough introduction to these and other materials.

Two-Step or Multi-Factor Authentication

Google Apps
Office 365

Hard Drive Encryption

For Mac OS
For Windows OS

Phishing Programs

Open Source: SecurityIQ by Infosec Institute

The Nonprofit Cyber Threat Environment

RSM’s Recorded Webinar

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