Having Your Say: Attendee Responses to ATLIS AC 2017

As we studied the responses of this year’s attendees to our annual conference held last month in Los Angeles, we were pleased to find that the data reinforced the positive zeitgeist we had detected from personal interactions with attendees. We saw that you valued the inspiration of both keynotes and that you sought information and new connections to stretch your thinking. You found your investment of time and money yielded important interaction with trusted mentors and colleagues. This was the magic of the 2017 ATLIS annual conference: a community abuzz with the opportunity to learn together.

One thing about success, though, is that it makes you hungry for more. You wanted more time to settle into those deep dive discussions. You wanted more sessions like the ones you loved (especially those that were both interactive and inspiring). You wanted more time to sit in a quiet space (we recognize the difficulties there) and reflect. You wanted more access to the sessions you missed or didn’t know about.

Yet reading through your responses, we saw a desire for something ineffable emerge, something you didn’t want to lose -- even as you wanted more. You relish the warmth of ATLIS, the feeling of closeness and congeniality as you connect with people committed to the same good work you do in schools. One attendee expressed this as a longing for more of “the grassroots feel” of ATLIS, but she remained nonetheless “so grateful that this new professional organization exists.”

So how do we grow and give you more of what you want without slipping over the edge to too much? How can we nail down that special quality that makes ATLIS so intimate and revitalizing, yet adapt and remain fresh? We’d love to know what you think the essence of the ATLIS annual conference is -- and how we assure that we can build it into future conferences.

As we begin our planning in earnest for ATLIS AC 2018, we would love for you to share your pictures on Instagram (@theatlis) and comment here with your ideas. We hope you are already thinking about a proposal you wish to present -- boot camp proposals can be submitted beginning June 29th.

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