July Webinar Round-Up

July was jam-packed with learning opportunities through our ATLIS webinar series. We featured Amanda Cadran of Learn on how to make the most of the data you can collect about how your users are employing online tools; maker inspiration from Sean Justice of Texas State University; our regular G Suite User Group meet-up, which focused on starting the new school year; and ATLIS co-founder turned entrepreneur Stuart Posin on how our phones collect and share data completely unbeknownst to us while we are sleeping or walking or ... you get the picture. This post provides a summary of each of these webinars, along with links to videos and resources when available.

Amanda Cadran on “Optimizing Your Edtech Tools”
(July 26, 2018)

Have you ever wondered "Are my teachers really using Product X?" as you look through the software and website subscriptions you manage? Did you know that only 5% of edtech licenses purchased are ever fully implemented?

Let us know how you are currently assessing the technologies used at your school? Take this survey!

Amanda Cadran shared new features of our partnership with Learn Platform.  Our members are able to add a Chrome browser plugin to devices that tracks software usage that the school technology administrator selects. If you've got Chromebooks, or are using Chrome, you'll be able to deploy this tool. The resulting dashboard displays usage statistics for leaders as they make decisions about the return on investment for edtech dollars.

Passive data collection using Learn Platform’s chrome extensions allows you to assess “how the products you have purchased are used, to monitor utilization and fidelity, and to improve educator capacity.” You can drill down into the data to review how individual teachers use a product or to look for trends. Has a product really taken off, or has it flatlined? Is more training needed, or are there network issues that need to be addressed? Are your teachers and students using the products you’ve purchased beyond the initial “wow” of implementation? How can frequent users be leveraged to inspire others, sustain implementation, and develop best practices? How can the data be used to examine more carefully whether or not the tools are used for real learning or for mere babysitting? How can you use the data to support your teachers in conversations with parents?

Slide deck for Amanda's webinar
Video of Amanda’s webinar

Chrome Extensions from Learn:
LearnPlatform for Educators
LearnPlatform for Students 

Makerspace User Group: The Aloha Edition
July 19, 2017)

This month’s user group on makerspaces reunited Susan Davis, ATLIS Professional Development, her former colleague, Matt Dillon, maker-in-residence of the lower school fab lab of ‘Iolani School (HI), and makerspace thought leader Sean Justice of Texas State University. They discuss how makerspaces go beyond the wow factor to influence traditional classrooms. Justice stressed how learners encounter “challenges about systems” and solve problems first with their hands. Schools then need to think about how to scale the learning that takes place in maker environments by gathering evidence of learning for other teachers to learn from. Dillon shared his experience of positioning his fab lab to augment what was already happening in the lower school classrooms at his school. Finally, our guests shared their thoughts on how to get your makerspace rolling, including creating a list of low-tech materials to acquire and how to start conversations about making with faculty. See the full video here.

G Suite User Group
(July 20, 2017)

The G Suite User Group tackled questions related to the start of school for their July meeting. For example, they discussed how to automate account creation in Google, on-boarding processes for G Suite, and a number of online tools to address everything from project management to creating forms (beyond Google Forms).

Here are some of the resources they shared:

Google Apps Manager: for managing a Google Apps Account
Clevr: a diagnostic dataset 
Jotform: online form builder that goes beyond Google Forms
Smartsheet: project management tool

And, by the way, Github is now free for students.

The G Suite User Group will take a break for August, but will be back in September at its usual time, high noon EDT on the third Thursday of each month.

 "What Your Phone Knows about You" with Stuart Posin
(July 11, 2017)

If you ever wondered how your phone knows to send you those Starbuck’s teasers when you walk by one of its stores, how companies you’ve never heard of are figuring out your advertising profile from Facebook, Google, and Snapchat, and what you might be giving away when you sign up for those fun, “free” word games, then you just might want to tune into the video of our leadership webinar with ATLIS co-founder and treasurer Stuart Posin.

Members can access Stuart’s webinar here.


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