5 Ways Edtech Leaders Can Support Academic Programs

This month, as part of our year-long program for aspiring technology leaders, ECATD, ATLIS convened on September 11, 2017, a panel of academic leaders to discuss the relationships between the academic programs in independent schools and technology. Sarah Hanawald, ATLIS Executive Director, interviewed Jim Foley (Assistant Head of School for Leadership and Innovation, St. Luke's School, CT), Marsha Little (Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs, The Lovett School, GA) and Derrick Willard (Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs, Providence Day School, NC).  An excerpt from that interview follows. -- SD

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Sarah Hanawald:
What advice would you give to our ECATD fellows to help them 
develop better relationships with their academic counterparts?


Jim Foley

  • Help with curriculum development. Join those conversations, if you’ve not been invited, ask  to be included.

  • Learn about your school’s academic leaders’ experience with technology. Shadow students to find where the pain points occur for academic leaders. If you can solve those problems, you have your in.

Derrick Willard

  • Be proactive. Look to the horizon. Help teachers think about what is possible next.

  • Observe and empathize. Remember, when someone’s stuff is broken, they just want it to work.

Marsha Little

  • Give more attention to the role of digital citizenship. Help prepare your community for civil discourse. Our online lives are no longer distinct from our face-to-face lives. We have to do a better job with this by creating safe spaces for public conversations and teaching students to engage productively in those spaces.

Let us know what you think?

We thank our panelists for these important reminders. ATLIS members, we want to hear how you have forged relationships with academic leaders. Share your strategies in the comments below.

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