What Research Says...Or Does It?

In a post-Thanksgiving webinar, as part of our "How To" series, Sarah Hanawald interviewed Beth Holland on the topic of evaluating research. Beth is a doctoral candidate at the Johns Hopkins School of Education and a well-known member of the independent school technology community,  During the interview, Sarah and Beth discussed the critical role that educators play in actively reading, interpreting, and analyzing research. They covered a host of disparate ideas, from determining the credibility of the source to questioning whether the results of a study can be generalized to other contexts and settings. On her "EdTech Researcher" blog at Education Week, Beth has written several posts about reading and interpreting research that may be helpful. Links to these posts are shared below the video.  -- SH

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How To Webinar (Recording)
How to Read What Research "Says" -- or Does It?
Beth Holland
November 29, 2017

A Sampling of Beth's Posts from Edtech Researcher

Research "Says" - Or Does It? (29 August 2017)
Research "Proves" - Very Little (11 September 2017)
To Ensure Success, First Define the Black Box of Innovation (17 February 2017)
To Measure Change, We Need to Move Beyond Quantitative Research (4 May 2017)
To Ban or Not to Ban? Technology, Education, and the Media (2 October 2017)

On Reading and Taking Notes Digitally

Beth and Sarah also discussed digital reading and note-taking, given that a number of editorials have recently suggested banning devices in the classroom. As Beth described in the webinar, by understanding how to critically read research, she learned how to critically examine these debates and craft responses to concerned educators. She has written a number of articles, listed below, that may be helpful.

Beth Holland, Note Taking with Technology (Edutopia, 4 November 2014)
Beth Holland, Take Note: How to Curate Learning Digitally (Edutopia, 8 March 2016)
Beth Holland and Sabba Quidwai, Beyond the Binder: 3 Strategies for Empowering Digital Tool Use in the Classroom (EdSurge, 3 February 2017)
Beth Holland, Digital Note Taking Strategies That Deepen Student Thinking (MindShift, 17 August 2017)
Beth Holland, Note Taking Editorials – Groundhog Day All Over Again (Food for Thought…, 27 November 2017)

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