Connecting, Reflecting, and Creating within the ATLIS Community

As part of a recent G-Suite User Group webinar on leveraging G-Suite tools for curriculum mapping, Richard Anderson of Washington International School (DC) and Barry Kallmeyer of Hathaway-Brown School (OH) relayed the story of their collaboration on curriculum mapping tools that developed out of a bootcamp workshop at the ATLIS 2017 Annual Conference. Their connection continued online in a Google+ community and will continue to evolve with new participants and partners at ATLIS 2018. Learn more about what came of their collaboration and open source sharing in this blog post. -- SD

Richard Anderson and Barry Kallmeyer on Curriculum Mapping with G-Suite

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“We often forget that the apps themselves are collaborative -- and they collaborate while we are sleeping.” -- Richard Anderson, Washington International School, DC

An amazing story of collaborative creation emerged from our recent “G-Suite User Group on Curricular Mapping with G-Suite.”

At the 2017 Annual Conference for ATLIS, Richard Anderson of the Washington International School (DC) offered a bootcamp on his work to create a way for teachers to easily integrate their daily planning with the school’s initiative for curriculum mapping -- using the Google tools already part of their daily repertoire. At ATLIS 17, Richard shared his template in a hands-on workshop, allowing participants to see first-hand how they could manage curriculum mapping in Google Drive augmented by administrative use of Data Studio to filter metadata related to curricula. Richard also shared access to the Google+ community that is dedicated to improving the use of “G-Suite for Curriculum Mapping” in an open source environment.

As a participant in Richard's bootcamp at the 2017 Annual Conference, Barry Kallmeyer saw the potential for adapting the curriculum mapping template to his own school environment at Hathaway-Brown School (OH). Back home after the workshop, Barry meticulously documented his process as he used the tools in the process, writing a 180-page “book” to help others who might want to follow in his footsteps.

Now Barry will join Richard for the newest iteration of the Curriculum Mapping with G-Suite" workshop, to be offered as part of our Wednesday  three-hour bootcamp series at the ATLIS Annual Conference in 2018. This latest iteration of the bootcamp will continue to offer a hands-on introduction to this powerful use of G-Suite tools.

We are thrilled that ATLIS has played a role the development of these tools. This evolving collaboration of effective technology for education is a perfect example of what it means to “inform, connect, and reflect” as part of the ATLIS community.

See the next iteration of this amazing project by registering for the ATLIS 2018 Annual Conference. (Richard’s and Barry’s bootcamp will be part of our Wednesday offerings.) You can preview our conference schedule here.

See the entire G-Suite User Group webinar with Richard and Barry from February 8, 2018, in its entirety below. The G-Suite User Group series is offered on the second Thursday of each month at noon Eastern time. You can sign up for the next one here. 

Additional resources mentioned in or related to the video include:

Richard Anderson, “Curriculum Mapping: Google Sheet Template for Use with Data Studio,” 14 February 2018. 

Google Data Studio

Data Studio Community, Google+

Google Mapping with G Suite Google+ Community

AutoCrat, Add-on for Google

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