Behind the Scenes at ATLIS

This summer ATLIS has been privileged to hire Marketing Intern Emma Stack, who has already made an impact by assisting with our member directory and advising us on social media. Check out and like our Facebook and Instagram pages, which have been renewed with Emma's help. This is Emma's first post for our blog, as she introduces herself along with Virtual Executive Assistant Amelia Daul.  -- SD

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Emma Stack, ATLIS Marketing Intern

Emma Stack

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at ATLIS?

As a new graduate of Trinity Valley School (TVS), an ATLIS member,. I am here to tell you the inside scoop on what makes ATLIS a special place to work. As the new ATLIS Marketing Intern, I have a growing passion for all things innovative and technological. When I was contacted about the new marketing intern position at ATLIS,  I knew the job had to be mine. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

ATLIS has over 170 member schools throughout the United States. My boss doesn’t even live in the same state I do. How cool is that? This shows that you don’t have to live in one particular region to be a part of our community.

Being an intern for a national organization has taught me the importance of communication and networking skills. The power of being able to interact with people throughout the world and share developing ideas with others is such an empowering expertise and is part of the ATLIS culture.

ATLIS is truly an association that embodies all aspects of the digital age we live in. While working behind the scenes, I have had the opportunity to experience working with people across the country, including connecting with Sarah Hanawald, ATLIS’s Executive Director, and Amelia Daul, Sarah’s Virtual Executive Assistant.

Amelia DaulIn addition to meeting the full time staff of ATLIS -- Sarah Hanawald, Executive Director, and Susan Davis, Professional Development Director -- I was able to spend some time with Amelia Daul, who works out of Richmond, Virginia, and who started with ATLIS two years ago. Amelia’s job is to make Sarah’s life easier by “being her right-hand woman.” Amelia has had so many wonderful opportunities with ATLIS, such as traveling to Washington, DC, with Sarah for the 2018 Annual Conference. You may have seen her ably managing the registration desk. Amelia’s daily tasks at ATLIS include calendar management, responses to membership questions, expense reports, and much more to help ATLIS function well for all its members.

After only working at ATLIS for a month, I can for sure tell you one thing: ATLIS cares about its members and their professional development. I have learned this through my work in updating mailing lists, writing blog posts, and researching social media strategies. This opportunity provides me with the experience of what it is like being a marketing intern. Every day I am becoming more prepared for my future in digital media. I hope to use these skills to one day work in the realm of the Communications as the Director of Social Media at a company. Meanwhile, I am excited to contribute as a member of the ATLIS team. 

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Larry Kahn - Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Emma, thank you for your service to ATLIS this summer and for providing us with this detailed look at all the hard work that happens to make ATLIS so beneficial to us.

Jen Carey - Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Welcome Emma! I was a Trinity Valley School teacher from 2009-2013. It's a great institution! I'm happy that you're able to join and engage with members of ATLIS. Have a though-provoking summer!

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