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We loved learning about new forms of PD from the recent webinar, “How to Deliver PD on Demand: 3 Ways to Power Up Professional Learning in Independent Schools” with Brad Spirrison and Dr. Jennifer Williams of Participate. In particular, we are excited about opportunities for developing the ATLIS personal learning network via the ATLIS Community portal. For the 2019 ATLIS Annual Conference, we are pleased to offer additional opportunities for you to explore, including courses in conjunction with the 2019 Hackathon and the ATLIS Reflection ⇒ Ideation Lab, resources curated  around “Leadership in the Digital Age,” and authentic conversations related to these topics and the conference theme, “Deep in the Heart of TECHness.” -- SD

[10-minute read, plus webinar video]

Are you wondering about how to refresh your own professional learning or how you can develop programs that meet the evolving needs of your colleagues as adult learners? In this video by online learning gurus Brad Spirrison and Dr. Jennifer Williams from Participate, you can explore three new forms of online PD that are authentic and collaborative: Think Tanks, Fellowships, and Mastermind Groups.


Additional Webinar Resources

Professional Development with Your ATLIS PLN

Taking lessons from Jennifer and Brad to heart about putting the “human component” back into professional development, we developed several new programs for our ATLIS Community PLN. Join the community here, or connect using the Annual Conference App.

Resource Collections and Discussions

Annual Conference Resources

Look for all your conference resources all in one place. This is where you will find information about the Keynote Speakers, Pillar Award Winners, and events. It’s also where speakers can add collections of resources and share slides. Continue the conversations begun at the conference in the Discussion tab.

Leadership in the Digital Age

Natalia Walchli of the Gulliver Schools (FL) has been hard at work sharing resources curated by the ATLIS Publications Advisory Committee. See what our thought leaders are reading as they wrestle with Cybersecurity, Digital Wellness, and more. Add your own reading recommendations and commentary in the companion discussion for this collection.

Special Conference Programs

2019 Hackathon
Put your team together and join the first-ever Hackathon for the ATLIS Annual Conference. No coding required. If you are a tech leader who is intent on solving the gnarly problems of technology and education in independent schools, plan to join us at 8-10 pm on Tuesday, April 16. Instructions for competing in the Hackathon and uploading your hacks will be shared on the conference app.

ATLIS Reflection-Ideation Lab
Dr. Beth Holland has developed a reflection experience exclusively for the ATLIS Annual Conference.  More information will be shared on the conference app, so you can be ready to roll on Wednesday, April 17. 

We look forward to hearing from you about how ATLIS can play a meaningful part in your professional learning. What have we left out? Let us know at [email protected]

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