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Opening summary

Hubert introduced the idea of using e-Sports as a framework for the curriculum.

Barry introduced his school as a space were girls have developed e-Sports club after school, leading to a league.

Jennifer introduced her experience with introducing e-Sports as a way to create community, especially among far-flung global campuses.

 Chat Transcript

12:18:18 From [email protected] : This is the league we joined: https://www.highschoolesportsleague.com/

12:18:37 From Barry Kallmeyer : Our CS teacher, J Collins, is leading this league here at HB and with others in the community. Here is some info and the list of games… https://www.mischiefleague.org/how-to-play

12:19:02 From [email protected] : @Barry - Is there a plan for a non-Windows experience for Mischief?

12:19:28 From Jamie : We joined this league… https://www.playvs.com

12:19:37 From Jamie : We play against local high schools...

12:19:56 From Barry Kallmeyer : @Jennifer - Great question. I am not sure but can find out and get back to you.

12:20:16 From Patrick Godfrey : Hubert this sounds awesome!

12:20:36 From [email protected] : @Barry - it seems like exactly what we’d love, but we just don’t have Windows computers.

12:20:45 From Laurie Walczak : @Hubert, what is the name of your school again?

12:24:16 From Susan Davis : @Hubert, can you share your school and information?

12:25:12 From Susan Davis : What about students or alumni or local college kids as coaches?

12:25:31 From Ashley Cross : Hubert’s School:  Esports Career Shadow Day we created with Allied esports and Hyper X

12:25:32 From Ashley Cross : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2drfpUmJR4

12:25:41 From Barry Kallmeyer : @ Jennifer - People with Mac or PC can participate in the Mischief League!!

12:26:41 From Nikki Imai : Our team is connected and competing with NASEF and they assigned us a coach from a local college. We may soon look for potentially hiring a professional.

12:31:59 From Ashley Cross : What is the education value add?

12:32:38 From Susan Davis : Interesting! E-Sports as an attraction for Admissions!

12:33:05 From Susan Davis : How are you all treating the gender issues regarding e-Sports?

12:33:10 From Ashley Cross : How do you promote diversity and fight stereotypes about gamers?

12:34:03 From Susan Davis : Perhaps the community aspect is a way in for girls?

12:34:11 From Laurie Walczak : We are all male right now, but diverse in our make-up. When we have a program more established, the first priority will be recruitment of girls.

12:34:35 From Patrick Godfrey : we have 14 boys 1 girl on our teams - focusing on diversity as we move forward

12:34:44 From Nikki Imai : All male at the moment, we had one or two interested but they weren’t interested in Overwatch which is what they’re playing at the moment.

12:37:24 From Ashley Cross : What are the challenges and opportunities of introducing e-sports in our schools?

12:39:49 From Ashley Cross : How much have you invested?

How are you handling equipment costs, filtering, and trolls?

12:40:27 From Patrick Godfrey : Nothing yet, still completely student supported at home

12:42:07 From Susan Davis : @Nikki, I wonder if girls designed their own league, what would it look like?

12:43:59 From Susan Davis : What about the trash talk gamers use? Any attempts to help them think a bit about this from a digital citizenship asset?

12:44:13 From [email protected] : @Susan - approaching this might help the girl problem

12:44:17 From Jamie : Switch is a great option… we’ll have to look into that for students that are more interested in playing games but are not necessarily hard core gamers

12:45:03 From [email protected] : Girls don’t want to be verbally abused - so why would they join an esports club? That toxicity is culturally directly linked to video game playing.

12:45:41 From Susan Davis : Esports conversations — seems like an opportunity to me?

12:46:13 From Laurie Walczak : @Jennifer I don’t think it’s inherent. There are lots of ways to combat that toxicity. Esports programs at school are the perfect opportunity.

12:46:34 From Susan Davis : Send us pictures! We’d love to create a blog and share!

12:47:05 From [email protected] : @Laurie - it’s not inherent, but it’s directly associated. And it’s widely cultural.

12:47:34 From Patrick Godfrey : agreed, we were told to start a club

12:49:11 From Susan Davis : I’d love to know more about the learning justification for  e-Sports.

12:49:47 From Patrick Godfrey : YES, I would go

12:50:14 From [email protected] : I think a facilitation PD would be better - we want a teacher to actually take this on - so equip a regular teacher to negotiate this

12:50:38 From Susan Davis : There’s a big e-Sports thread emerging for the ATLIS annual conference April 5-8 in Chicago!

12:51:14 From Susan Davis : https://www.theatlis.org/annual-conference

12:55:42 From Susan Davis : Crowdsource your kids about where to buy?

12:55:52 From Dan McGee : Thanks everyone, this was all great to hear - have to run to a meeting! Take care!

12:57:05 From Laurie Walczak : Yes, I have to run, too. Thank you, all! Will we get a list of attendees?

12:57:10 From Laurie Walczak : And/or a transcript?

12:57:11 From Ashley Cross : https://atlis.memberclicks.net/membens

12:57:44 From Susan Davis : [email protected]

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