ATLIS Reads: The Algorithmic Leader by Mike Walsh

In this post, Vinnie Vrotny, Director of Technology at the Kinkaid School, TX, and a 2019 ATLIS Pillar Award honoree, wraps up our year of inquiry into the the leadership literacies needed for effective technology programs and teams at independent schools. Join us for the final book discussion of the year on February 26 at 1 pm Eastern, as well as for a culminating conversation about our initial book series at a special "Think Tank: ATLIS Reads Redux" at the ATLIS Annual Conference in Chicago, April 5-8. -- SD

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Guest Blogger: Vinnie Vrotny, Director of Technology, Kinkaid School, TX

Tuesday, February 26, 1 pm Eastern
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Algorithmic Leader book coverIn our previous ATLIS Reads book seminar selections, we have been asked to reflect inwardly to identify potential biases (Blindspot), learn how to organize ourselves and plan (The First 90 Days), and consider how to coach our colleagues to stretch them to new levels (The Coaching Habit). In this final installment of this season's book series on leadership literacies, we turn our focus to the future, one where machines may become "smarter" than we humans.

In The Algorithmic Leader, by Mike Walsh, you will examine new futures and explore the ways that your leadership may have to shift in order to maximize our potentials. In this book study discussion, we will examine a number of hard questions that ask us to think beyond our daily work and imagine the future of learning in our schools.
The Algorithmic Leader Discussion Questions

  • Nowadays, as humans, What does it mean to be smart?
  • What will schools be like in 2050?
  • How can we support the range of parents who send their children to our schools -- the digital enablers, the digital limiters, and the digital mentors? What should we take when working with their children?
  • How do you avoid digital incrementalism when you are seeking for digital transformation?
  • What would the world look like if your school ceased to exist?
  • How are you using Computational Thinking in your decision making and processing?
  • How are you building your team's culture?
  • What are you doing to capture your team's institutional knowledge?
  • How can you empower, not micro-manage, your team?
  • How can we avoid automating bias?


The Financial Brand. "Principles of Becoming an Algorithmic Leader." Banking Transformed with Jim Marous. Podcast.

Mike Walsh. The Algorithmic Leader. Website. (Includes numerous videos, podcast episodes, and other resources.)

Mike Walsh. Reimagining Leadership in the Age of Machine Intelligence. Slidedeck PDF. 9 July 2019. 

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