Tech Leaders Rally Response to Coronavirus

ATLIS partnered with ISTE's IISN to launch a live chat of technology leaders from around the world to tell their stories and discuss strategies for school continuity in response to COVID-19. Among the many lessons learned was the need to create spaces for this group of forward-thinking technology educators, which is isolated from peers and colleagues even under "normal" circumstances, to create a space for connecting over the course of the coming weeks. To that end, ATLIS has created a weekly Virtual Town Hall tor the community to come together until further notice. Below we share the video from our first gathering, questions raised, and resources shared. -- SD

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Virtual Town Hall
Every Wednesday at 1:00 EDT

ATLIS is here for you! We will host virtual town hall meetings each Wednesday so the community can come together to share ideas and support one another.   This is an interactive Zoom video meeting. If possible, please plan on being in a location where you can use your camera and microphone. 

Come ready to discuss your experience and also bring any questions you might have for the group.   We will be gathering questions prior to the Town Hall on Twitter using the hashtag #ATLIStownhall

Free and open to all: registration required.
Sign up once and join us weekly- the link to the events will be the same.

Archive: Town Hall Meeting from March 11

In an unprecedented and wholly inspiring gathering of technology leaders from around the globe, last week ATLIS partnered with ISTE'S International and Independent School Network to convene at live chat for the educators at the forefront of dealing with COVID-19 related school closures. Thank you to Amy Grunat of the Drew School, CA, and Doug Joubert of Christian Brothers School, LA, for leading the discussion for this online event.  


Technologists shared their preparations, professional development plans, and execution of online learning roll-outs. Independent schools around the world have proved incredibly nimble in their approach to this world-wide challenge; they have also been incredibly generous with sharing their expertise with each other. Below we share questions asked, resources shared, and tools to check out.

If there’s one thing we heard loud in clear, it was that everyone needs to connect during these challenging times. And that includes technology leaders. At your request, we will continue to host live chats to address your needs as they change and adapt over time. Join us every Wednesday at 1 pm for the next several weeks: March 18, March 25, April 8, April 15. 

Essential Questions

  • How will you address access for all students and school personnel who need them?
  • How will you support faculty who work from home?
  • Where can you find and access PD resources and instruction for teachers as you move into virtual environments for learning?
  • What is the role of parents, and how can we support them?
  • How best to track attendance?
  • How will you balance synchronous and asynchronous learning for the best possible outcome?
  • How will your school build community and connection in an online space?
  • What can we do to mitigate stress?

Key Takeaways

  • Encourage faculty to start with what they know.
  • Create community and connection first.
  • Provide check-in points for all constituents.
  • Use school (or other) schedules to plan touchpoints, but do not plan to replicate a full-on synchronous version of your school’s schedule. (Concerns were expressed regarding screen time, access, and effective instructional protocols.)
  • Practice learning online, especially if you are still teaching F2F or in your 1st week.
  • Establish norms in your online space.
  • Slow down content delivery by 50%.
  • Find the right balance for asynchronous vs. synchronous delivery. 
  • As faculty adapt to virtual learning spaces, consider adapting instruction (for example, using PBL) or employing new tools that can help maintain student engagement and move toward greater learning independence for students.

Resources from the Chat

Tools to Check Out


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