ATLIS Virtual Town Hall, 6 May 2020: Feedback and Reflection, Planning Ahead

ATLIS continues to share a summary and video for its Virtual Town Halls. Our May 6 gathering focused on feedback and reflection for faculty, planning ahead, and summer plans. -- SD

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ATLIS Virtual Town Hall

May 6, 2020
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What does your feedback/reflection loop look like for your faculty?

  • Meeting weekly with teachers -- looking at assessment tools for good formative and summative assessments
  • Faculty surveys and remote learning channels in Teams
  • PD on demand
  • IT Coffee chat, open forum, gathering feedback on what’s working and what’s not
  • I host lunch on a few days a week for people to check in and just be with each other like we would do when in school
  • Sample faculty survey from Charlotte Latin School
  • Taft Faculty Remote Learning Survey
Our whole faculty is participating in a 4-week course with Global Online Academy. There’s a cohort of trainers who meet weekly with GOA, and then departmental groups are meeting weekly to discuss and apply what they’re learning. captured in the discussion threads in the course.

  • Teachers are talking about what future pedagogies could look like, but the tech team needs to hear and be part of those conversations.
  • I want to create my own asynchronous technology course.
  • Some teachers are in denial and just want to go back to “how it was.”
  • Weekly grade level meetings and survey based on Greg Bamford’s questions about resilience 

How are you planning ahead?

  • Looking at 3-option schedule: School is all virtual, school is all F2F physically, some hybrid blend (half and half, with teachers teaching both ways (courseloads doubling) 
  • Planning for nimble adjustments, switching from model to another
  • Making substitute lists of resources and needs, providing training
  • Asking faculty to be nimble and flexible
  • Doing root cause analysis training
  • Asking for easy fixes
  • Looking at distance learning options that can match our tuition
  • Sample re-entry plan from Grandview Prep
  • Building a schedule that will let us pivot all in person, hybrid online/in person, and all virtual using the same class schedule and courses
  • Surveyed parents about an ideal remote learning schedule
  • Spring auction designated funds to benefit families at the school that would have difficulties with tuition, with an amazing response
  • Does anyone know when the free Zoom accounts for schools expire? (TBD)

How is summer PD for faculty and staff shaping up at your school? How are you addressing the need for more training on best practices in delivery of online or blended education? What are your go-to resources for this?

  • Surveyed teachers on successes, challenges -- and we put together workshops to address these as required and paid workshops
  • Global Online Academy or One Schoolhouse cohort
  • Honor our teachers’ work
  • Faculty self-identify skills needs

What About Summer Programs?

  • Pivoting to new, online offerings that include enrichment and extracurricular offerings, though we have some questions about free vs. paid programming
  • Tiered model for early learning through LS: What’s required, extras, specials -- will roll out and repackage as summer free programming
  • Not sure yet
  • Cancelled
  • Still hopeful about day camps after July 1
  • Summer programs planned with appropriate social distancing
  • Depends on what the state government dictates

...And Summer Projects?

  • Summer projects and building all on hold
  • Remodeling selected classrooms as hybrid solutions for video conferencing, upgrading wireless with eRate funding
  • New LMS
  • Prioritizing repairs and redirecting efforts to being able to social distance in classrooms and on campus

What tech solutions are you investigating for hybrid classroom spaces?

  • Experimenting with Meeting Owls for classrooms -- basically a high falutin’ speaker and video system, works really well around a conference table
  • Wondering what social distancing will do to meeting in the round -- will we all be back in rows again?
  • Testing Swivl for going back to school with social distancing after May 19 in Canada 
  • Video conference sound bar that will swivel: Crestron Electronics UC-SB1-CAM, UC Video Conference Smart Sound Bar & Camera

Considerations for Fall Classroom Reopening

  • 20% of parents may not be sending kids back even if things are more open
  • Outfitting certain classrooms makes a lot of sense
  • Can we think in terms of having teachers move rather than kids to help mitigate against the coronavirus?
  • Getting rid of public facing computers and moving away from shared devices.
  • How to maximize in-person experience when we may be teaching to two different kinds of audiences?
  • How can we use team teaching to address different audiences by partnering for in-school vs. online skills, drawing on teacher strengths?
  • Retraining teachers to use block schedule for instruction rather than PBL
  • Institute a cleaning protocol for shared devices

What are you doing as technology leaders for your own PD?

Resources Shared

Services for Reviewing Online Programs

Greg Bamford, 10 Principles for Designing the 2020-2021 School Year, Blog post, 1 May 2020

Elizabeth A. Harris, ‘It Was Just Too Much!’: How Remote Learning Is Breaking Parents, New York Times, 27 April 2020

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