ATLIS Solidarity Statement

ATLIS Solidarity Statement 

Dear ATLIS Community,

Last week, across the nation and the globe, we witnessed communities coming together to

speak up against racism in all its forms -- intentional actions of the government, law

enforcement, people in power, as well as the inaction on the part of bystanders.

ATLIS will not stay silent.

The deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and recently that of yet another unarmed black

man, George Floyd, at the hands of four Minneapolis police officers, as well as the racial

targeting of Christian Cooper while bird watching in Central Park, are just recent examples of

how racism continues to tear at the fabric of our society.

In order for ATLIS to be the type of community we aspire to be, we must acknowledge that for

far too long, the Black community has faced systemic racism -- Black lives matter and they

deserve better.

ATLIS stands with all members of the community who are hurting.

We stand in solidarity with the families and loved ones of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery,

Breonna Taylor, Christian Cooper, and countless others, as well as with all members of the

Black community in fighting racism and injustice. We acknowledge we can do better as an

organization, an educational community, and a nation.

ATLIS will take action.

ATLIS aspires to be a safe space for difficult but crucial conversations. As such, the ATLIS

board and staff are committed to making diversity, equity, and inclusion training a priority for the

leadership of our organization. We are also committed to ensuring our education, leadership,

and technology programs will always support diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We are hopeful for a better future.

Our staff and board are here to listen together, learn together, and be a part of the solution to

heal and improve our nation together. It is time to demonstrate our leadership in independent

school education and beyond to fight for change and social justice.


Jim Bologna, Tye Campbell, Jennifer Carey, Ashley Cross, Susan Davis, Dawn Klus, Christina

Lewellen, Gabriel Lucas, Kevin McAllister, Jeffrey Morrison, Denise Musselwhite, Stuart Posin,

Jason Ramsden, Sarah Rolle, Kelsey Vrooman

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