Faculty Readiness Considerations for Campus Reopening

As schools look at the many factors they must consider before reopening their campuses in the fall, teacher preparedness has moved center stage. ATLIS Think Tank members Dr. Jill Brown of Albuquerque Academy, NM, and Natalia Walchli of Gulliver Schools, FL, have compiled a checklist of concerns schools may wish to address. This crowdsourced list, presented here as an infographic, as well as a more detailed checklist, received feedback from the ATLIS Think Tank as a whole, is meant to create a starting point for conversation and planning.  [10-minute read] -- SD


Download a PDF checklist here.

With so many things to consider for school reopening, schools may find it helpful to narrow the view and direct their focus to faculty readiness. A previous Think Tank post focused onTechnology Considerations for Campus Reopening generally, which provided a tool for looking at the many critical components of the work ahead. Equally important are these four areas of faculty readiness: pedagogical considerations, faculty training on the technologies they will need to use, student training in a similar vein, and well-being of all technology users for the year ahea

The following is a crowdsourced list of considerations independent school leadership teams may want to weigh as they look ahead to the coming academic year. These recommendations are specific to the educational technology realm and may or may not be applicable to all schools. The intention is to provide a starting point for discussion and consideration.

  • Pedagogy

    • Will there be shifts in instructional design?

      • Provide professional development on designing for remote learning

      • Consider different forms of assessment

    • What does student engagement look like in the new learning environment?

    • What does community building look like?

    • What are the best tools and strategies in the new learning environment?

    • How will the LMS course be set up? Is the use of an LMS new?

    • How can faculty collaborate on course design, delivery of materials, effective assignments, and assessments in their discipline? 

    • How will faculty regularly get feedback from students on workload, clarity of lessons, and individual learning success?

  • Faculty Training

    • What tech training will your faculty need for a smooth transition back?

      • Consider basic proficiency standards, new software, and hardware

      • How will attendance be managed and tracked?

    • How will that training be delivered?

      • Survey faculty

      • Provide various training formats, synchronous and asynchronous

      • How will faculty receive ongoing updates?

      • Who will provide ongoing support throughout the school year?

  • Student Training

    • Who is responsible for initial student training and ongoing support?

    • How is student training delivered?

    • When and how are students given an orientation to the specific courses they are taking in the learning management system? 

    • What do they need to know to find information and keep up-to-date on homework and feedback in their courses? 

    • Where do students go when they need learning or technical help?

    • How are students informed about software updates or course redesigns?

  • Well Being

    • Clear expectations will minimize stress and uncertainty.

      • What are the expectations for teaching, attending classes, homework load, etc? 

      • What supports are in place, including flexible schedules, for faculty with small children or students working at home who have to help care for others? 

      • Where can faculty go for emotional support for themselves or students? 

      • How is the student advisory program designed to support students on an ongoing basis? How are assemblies, divisions, and clubs going to operate?

      • What supports and protocols are in place for high-risk individuals?

      • Who will be surveyed to keep tabs on the pulse of the community (students, parents, & faculty) so the school can make adjustments as necessary? When and how often?

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