Technology Benchmarking: How Did Your School Fare During the Pandemic?

ATLIS 2021 Technology Landscape Survey gives immediate insights.


Like many things unexpectedly disrupted with the onset of the pandemic, ATLIS’s annual Technology Impact and Efficacy (TIE) Assessment was derailed in 2020. We were mid-collection when the landscape irrevocably shifted, leaving us to evaluate the benchmarking information that technology leaders would most need right now. With that, we’re pleased to announce we’ve partnered with Educational Collaborators, our TIE Assessment partner, and author Pamela Gaudet to design a quick, meaningful diagnostic tool that provides immediate feedback to technology leaders at independent schools. 

The ATLIS 2021 Technology Landscape Survey will assess how your school fared during the pandemic and allow tech leaders to adjust and solidify plans for the future. Building on her research and recommendations from her book, Like No Other School Year, Gaudet worked with Educational Collaborators to shape a tool that will help technology leaders understand, adjust, and improve their schools’ plans and approaches. 

This survey should be completed by the Director of Technology or equivalent position. Each question will provide feedback based on the respondent’s answers. At the end of the survey, participants will be prompted to download the results, which will include individual responses and corresponding feedback. Additionally, a compilation report providing anonymized, summary responses will be provided in late March to each participant. 

Technology leaders delivered some incredibly creative and powerful solutions to their independent school communities during an abbreviated timeframe. It’s time to take stock of the technology landscape and we believe this tool will provide a useful framework for ongoing discussions. 

Take a few minutes to complete the survey ahead of the March 29 deadline.

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