Measuring Up: ATLIS Announces 2021 Compensation Benchmark Report

ATLIS once again partnered with Ed Tech Recruiting to update its popular benchmark report focusing on what technology leaders earn in the way of salaries and benefits in their roles at independent schools. The 2021 Compensation Benchmark Report for Technology Leaders in Schools provides in-depth analysis that looks at compensation through a wide variety of lenses, giving tech leaders ample opportunity to have meaningful conversations around compensation. [10-minute read]

By Christina Lewellen, Executive Director


For a second year, ATLIS has partnered with Ed Tech Recruiting to provide a detailed look at compensation for independent school technologists and we’re pleased to announce the 2021 Compensation Benchmark Report for Technology Leaders in Schools. The report offers a wide variety of findings that will pave the way for meaningful conversations around compensation and benefits. 

While the pandemic has created many anomalies when it comes to benchmarking and data, it’s important to have the information available to analyze in future years. We’ll want to see how long it takes to move past the speed bumps of the extraordinary year and address any issues that emerge in the findings. 

Compensation-related conversations are important. Knowing where you stand among your peers in terms of compensation is crucial to your long-term career development and earning potential. We hope this report serves as a starting point for your own research and benchmarking efforts. 

Further, we believe industry analysis like this is a critical component to retaining key employees. If technology leadership is a priority for your school in terms of fulfilling its mission, this benchmark study could arm you with the information you need to retain your technology team. 


The ATLIS Compensation Benchmark report, based on Ed Tech Recruiting’s survey of technology professionals in the fall of 2020, indicates several key findings:

  • Larger team supervision warrants a higher average salary for technology leaders.
  • Salary gaps exist among school technology leaders by gender and ethnicity, and further research is warranted for those who identify as genderqueer or gender non-binary.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic may have thrown off typical correlations between higher average salaries and the number of essential job functions for which a technology leader is responsible. Stated another way, technology leaders picked up additional responsibilities in one year’s time without a corresponding increase in average salary.
  • Technology leaders earn more when they sit on the senior leadership team at their schools.
  • Those who identify as female or genderqueer/gender non-binary are less likely to serve on the senior administration team compared to their counterparts who identify as male.

In addition to the key findings, the report includes detailed salary information highlighted by a variety of factors, including title, school enrollment, faculty status, senior administration status, size of the technology team, number of direct reports, gender, years of experience, geographic region, and more. The report outlines information about common benefit packages as well. 

The 24-page report is available to ATLIS member schools free of charge. Non-members and other interested parties can download the full report for $179.

For more information about this and other research conducted by ATLIS, email [email protected]

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