ATLIS Launches Community Conversation Hub as Online Complement to Print Magazine


Access Points by ATLIS is part discussion board, part in-depth industry features

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The Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools, the only professional organization targeting technology leadership in independent schools, announced the launch of an online community discussion portal to serve as the digital complement to its recently redesigned print magazine, Access Points. The Access Points message boards are open to the entire independent school community and create space for continuing the conversation around important, in-depth features presented in the magazine. Further, the discussion boards aim to capture and continue to uphold the peer-based solution sharing that emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Just as schools are taking stock of the unexpected positives of pandemic-shaped learning and technology solutions to see what should be incorporated permanently, ATLIS sees the value in continuing the impressive community crowdsourcing that emerged during this time,” said Christina Lewellen, executive director, ATLIS. “We designed a platform to not only continue to support these invaluable peer-to-peer interactions but also to facilitate important conversations around the in-depth issues being presented in the completely redesigned magazine, Access Points.”

The print magazine re-launched in early June and now includes profiles of industry thought leaders, features focusing on strategic issues, and a supplier directory of technology-focused solutions for independent schools. 

“We’re at a critical juncture in the evolution of the profession of independent school technologists, and we saw a need for a centralized hub for community conversations,” Lewellen added. “At the same time, we relaunched our magazine focused on thought leadership and we saw an opportunity to host two-way conversations around the important topics being covered in the print edition. So with the Access Points discussion portal, we’re accomplishing multiple goals all centered around meaningful community conversations.” 

The ATLIS Access Points discussion portal is also, in part, an evolution of the organization’s virtual town halls, which started in the early days of the pandemic and continue to be a monthly staple in ATLIS’s programming. “We continue to be amazed at the degree to which technology leaders will help their peers with ideas, solutions, and support,” Lewellen said. “We have felt for a long time that the ATLIS community is ‘in this together,’ and the Access Points community discussion platform is a natural extension of our role in connecting technology leaders, some of whom may operate on an island at their schools, to a broader network of professionals who are committed to helping them succeed.”

 The ATLIS Access Points discussion portal does not require ATLIS membership, though it will prompt users to create a free account in order to participate. The community guidelines are posted for users to acknowledge and will be strictly enforced in order to maintain open, supportive, and relevant interactions

To register for an ATLIS Access Points account, visit the discussion portal and follow the steps. For technical support, email [email protected]  

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