ATLIS Summit Holds Space for Important DEI Conversations

ATLIS Summit Holds Space for Important DEI Conversations

On December 8, 2021, ATLIS hosted a summit titled “DEI - Understanding the Conversations”. The summit format followed a conversation, guided by panelists, surrounding the essential question “what do tech teams and their leaders need to understand about; DEI conversations in classrooms, DEI conversations at a systems or administrative level, DEI conversations from a cultural/historical perspective?”

Panelists included Dr. Jeffrey Morrison, Trinity School (Atlanta), GA, Dr. Beth Holland, The Learning Accelerator, Colin Samuel, Brearley School, NY, and Frances Cortez O'Connor, National Cathedral School, DC. Each panelist brought specific questions to the table from their own unique perspectives. 

Frances Cortez O’Connor led conversations around DEI in the EdTech and Classroom perspectives. She discussed her own experiences working with children to help them understand how to think critically about information found online, and how to have constructive conversations in digital spaces. 

Dr. Beth Holland and Colin Anton Samuel discussed digital equity and questions about how tech leaders can help design and facilitate experiences and practices that meet the unique needs, interests, and identities of students every day. They discussed how tech leaders can use their role as digital evangelists to create or influence digital equity. 

Dr. Jeff Morrison led discussion around bringing a historical perspective into the DEI conversations that are happening in our schools, and how to give historical context to what is happening today. 

Conversation flowed around these questions and more, such as how to teach students about algorithmic bias, how to help form students who will go into the world creating systems with empathy, and how to use our position as tech leaders to help create more equitable environments across the whole school. 

The conversation throughout the summit was thought-provoking and insightful. Panelists and participants alike came with questions, and left feeling more equipped to understand the conversations happening in their schools and the role of technology in equity and learning. 


ATLIS members can access the summit archive after signing into their member profile on the ATLIS website. 

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