Independent School Educators Listserv (ISED-L)

To subscribe to ISED-L: 

  • Send a message to [email protected]
  • In the body of the message, write SUBSCRIBE ISED-L YourFirstName YourLastName (Note that you must include your name to be accepted as a subscriber. Of course, use your real first and last name.)
  • Do not include any other material in the message. In response you will receive a computer-generated confirmation message, and then all ISED-L postings as they occur.


Your list managers can be reached by emailing [email protected]edu.

Moderators are:

Hoover Chan, Ph.D.
University of California, San Francisco

Sarah Hanawald
Assistant Head of School for PD & New Programs, One Schoolhouse
The managers are eager to answer questions and troubleshoot subscription difficulties. Please direct comments, complaints, questions, and requests to any or all of the addresses above. 


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Independent School Educators Listserv (ISED-L) Information
This page contains the ISED-L Charter, information for subscribers, and answers to common questions.  ISED-L will always be open and free for conversations around independent school education.

  1. Charter

  2. Joining and managing your subscription

  3. Posting a Message

  4. List Etiquette

  5. ISED-L Web Archives

  6. How to Get Help

1. The ISED-L Charter

ISED-L is a forum for the needs and interests of the independent school community. It is a vehicle for faculty, staff, and administrators to seek advice, to establish new friendships, to locate collaborators for online and offline projects, and to post conference, employment, and other announcements. Submissions to ISED-L are released under a creative commons, attribution, non-commercial, share-alike license. RSS Feed.  Ellen Berne of Winsor School founded ISED-L in February 1994. Her vision and her dedication enabled thousands of us independent school educators to join with peers in thoughtful conversation about our work. You can submit for discussion any topic related to independent school education. Please do not send advertisements, messages intended for an individual only, or flames. If you have any doubt about the appropriateness of your message, seek advice from one of the managers, who are listed at the end of this document. If you sometimes set your mail account to "out of the office auto-reply" please make sure those messages are not posted to the readership. Check with the manager of your school e-mail to learn how to limit your automatic response to individuals only. Top 

2. Joining, Leaving and Using ISED-L

There are several ways to participate in ISED-L. Many readers have individual subscriptions, created as described below. At some schools, ISED-L messages come into a local bulletin board or conference, viewable by everyone. All messages are archived on the Web, so anyone can read them at the archive address.

 Signing off ISED-L is similar to subscribing:

  • Send a message to [email protected]
  • In the body of the message, write SIGNOFF ISED-L Note that you do not need to include your name to signoff.
Suspending mail from ISED-L is similar to subscribing. Use this command when you expect to be away from your mail account for a period of time and do not want your mailbox to fill.

To resume the delivery of ISED-L postings, 

To receive a digest, or only one message from ISED-L each day, that includes all the postings of that day,

3.  Posting to  ISED-L

Posting a message to the ISED-L readership is straightforward, use your normal email program and compose a message.  Then:

Important: This is a different address from the one to which you send subscription requests. Be sure that the subject line indicates your topic and that you have included your name and e-mail address somewhere in the body of your message. This will allow readers to reply to you privately, which is often appropriate. If you are an individual subscriber, your message will be automatically delivered to the the subscription list of about 1000 individual addresses and to a number of school bulletin boards. It will also be stored in the archives and fed to a number of blog sites. If you are not a subscriber your message will be passed to a list manager for approval and then distributed. This extra step is necessary as a defense against spam. Top 

4. Tips for Good Postings—List Etiquette

Avoid sending personal responses to the list! At least once a week someone accidentally sends a personal message to the whole list. Most of the time these messages are irritating but benign, but occasionally the message has content that should not be seen by 1000 plus other readers and sometimes the message is highly embarrassing. Messages cannot be pulled back. You can avoid problems by ALWAYS double checking the "to" line BEFORE you send a message. (Your mail system may make this harder than it should be by automatically filling in the ISED-L address on replies.) Be brief! Be plain! ISED-L readers use many different kinds of electronic mail systems. Some cannot interpret formatted text or receive attachments. Write in plain text only. Do not attach a file. Instead, paste the content—short content—into the body of your message. Keep your personal signature to 3 or 4 lines.

  • Quote sparingly. Clip just enough to indicate what you are responding to. Don't quote whole messages.
  • Don't use too much tech jargon. Discussions of technology in independent schools are indeed welcome on ISED-L, but our strength is the breadth and range of our participants, who share their ideas on independent school curriculum, management, teacher growth, children's needs, good books to read, and many other topics.
  • Stay calm. If you find your emotions rising as you read a posting, it's best to wait a day before responding.


5. The ISED-L Archives

All postings distributed by ISED-L are archived at Syracuse University. This archive is searchable and public, so you can find past messages on any topic that has been discussed. The URL is Note: This is a new archive location as of early 2004 and is still under development; if you have difficulty using it please notify the managers privately. ISED is often fed to other blogs. Submissions to ISED-L are released under a creative commons, attribution, non-commercial, share-alike license. RSS Feed, 

 7. Emeriti List Managers

Marti Weston
Former (Ret.) Educational Technology Coordinator, Georgetown Day School

David Withrow
Former Director of Technology, Harford Day School