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 Upgrade Your Summer Professional Learning 

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Cybersecurity for Independent Schools
a workshop for technology and risk management leaders

THURSDAY, July 25, 2019, approx. 10:00 AM - FRIDAY, July 26, 2019, approx. 3:00 PM  
The Bush School 
 3400 East Harrison Street, Seattle WA 98112
Join us for a two-day seminar July 25-26, 2019, on this critically important topic.  This workshop is designed and led by experienced independent school technology leaders who understand the balance technology leaders must maintain between providing access to valuable resources and protecting school constituents. Each aspect of the workshop will be taught with a specific lens on the independent school technology environment. 
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Featured Webinars from the ATLIS Archives for Summer PD

Design your own professional learning experiences with these recent webinars from the ATLIS archives.

Design Thinking for Technology Leaders
Elizabeth Shutters, Roycemore School, IL
May 8, 2019
As Director of Curriculum and Innovation at Roycemore School, IL, Elizabeth Shutters has come to believe that design thinking is an essential skill for independent school leaders.

Have you mastered this skill in your leadership work for technology?

In this webinar, Shutters introduces you to ways you can draw upon design thinking as a technology leader, from creating teacher PD to redesigning spaces.

Motivate Learners with Gamification
Jared Colley, Oakridge School, TX, and Nate Green, Flint Hill School, VA

May 15, 2019
What can we learn from students’ fascination with Fortnite and other video games?

So you thought gaming was just for kids?

Jared Colley of Oakridge School, TX, and Nate Green, of Flint Hill School, VA, present highlights from their ATLIS Annual Conference session in this webinar to help you deconstruct gaming design motivators that affect learners' motivations -- for both teachers and students. 

Belonging in STEM -- Strategies for Girls and Minorities
Douglas Kiang, Punahou School, HI
February 20, 2019
Learn strategies for engaging and retaining girls and minorities in computer science and other STEM areas.

Douglas Kiang of Punahou School, Hawaii, shares how to create opportunities for meaningful collaboration and to form a community of learners who can support each other.

Kiang shares his research into engaging more girls in STEM along with his classroom experiences putting that research into practice. 

Introduction to Blockchain
Shane Hihara, San Francisco Friends School, CA
November 28, 2019

Are your parents and donors beginning wonder about paying tuition or donating gifts using blockchain?

What do students need to know about this tool of the future?

In this introduction to the world of blockchain, Shane Hihara of San Francisco Friends School explores how the crypto currency is finding its way into independent schools today.

girl with backpackFEATURED MICRO-COURSES

What do you need to know to start the new school year? Or to catch up on developments from the last nine months? Are you transitioning to independent school IT work? Are you wondering about virtual reality and student learning?

Check out our new micro-courses for just-in-time professional development.

Plugging in to Independent Schools (For IT Professionals)
Curt Lieneck, ATLIS ECATD Faculty and Retired Independent School Technology Leader

Watch our webinar preview!

 Curt Lieneck brings over 30 years of experience to this useful and practical introduction for transitioning to independent schools. If you are thinking of moving from the business or public school world to an independent school technology department, or if you are onboarding someone to your staff from a similar background, you will find this course to be enormously helpful. Lieneck provides an introduction to what an independent school actually is and how it is different from other kinds of educational institutions, digs into independent school culture, and addresses the challenges facing independent schools today. 

Practical VR in the Classroom
Stacy Tippens, Educational Technology Specialist, The Madeira School (VA)

Take this micro-course if you want learn the basics of beginning a VR program at your school. This course includes an introduction to the equipment you will need as well as specific suggestions for implementation. You'll receive valuable tips from an educator who has worked directly with VR in a classroom setting and complete a plan for your own implementation.

Learn more about these and other ATLIS micro-courses 

 TIE Deployment Guide

bullet journalAs our members have gone through the first two years of the Technology Impact and Efficacy assessment, we have noted their requests for more detailed instructions and guidelines for implementing and surveys efficiently and successfully.

The TIE Deployment Guide was created with these requests in mind. Learn more about the Guide and the TIE assessment here.