Member Testimonials

 "From my perspective, ATLIS provides me tons of info that I wouldn't necessarily have access to. It links me to people in the same positions from different places. It's invaluable! I've been looking for an ATLIS for many decades. It's fabulous!" -Wayne Peterson, Director of Technology at Blue Ridge School
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Hear from Jeff Tillinghast, Director of Learning Design & Technology at University Prep in Seattle, WA


"To us first and foremost [ATLIS] means like-minded colleagues. The most valuable thing [about an ATLIS membership] is the resources. The audience/member schools that are involved are very similar in school operations and tech on a day to day basis. One of the things we like about the conference itself is one session focuses on IT, another on edtech, best practices, and curriculum- everything a tech director needs."  
-Adrienne Bononi, St. Matthew's Parish School

Scott Lieberman, Director of Technology
Alexandria Country Day School
Alexandria, Virginia 


How are you using ATLIS throughout your school? 

"We try not to be siloed. So many of the resources -- like the online meetups, people who we meet through the listserv, and the ATLIS Slack channel -- give us opportunities and ideas to impact the school at large. Always study with people smarter than you. 

ATLIS provides us a seed, and we plant it somewhere else in the school. We can impact people outside the tech office. I participated in the esports Live Chat recently. I wouldn't be able to be as effective and knowledgeable by myself on that topic. ATLIS is a place to lean on others. We can start and support programs more easily because of the ATLIS community."

-Dan McGee, Laurel School
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Barry Kallmeyer
Director of Technology
Hathaway Brown School
Shaker Heights, Ohio